Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hippie Economic Indicator says: "Not Good"

So here I am, driving along and minding my own business--not bothering anybody--when this beat-to-shit little 20 year old Toyota merges onto the highway slightly ahead of me and then moves all the way over into the far left lane despite the fact that there is no one ahead of it in the right lane. Naturally, I'm moving at my usual highway speed, which is slightly below Mach 1, and the Toyota is barely moving fast enough to even be on the hgihway in the first place. So just to let this guy know that he's done something rather thoughtless and potentially dangerous, I give him a bit of high beam and some horn as I pass him on the right, in the lane that he should have just stayed in in the first place.

As I pass him, I can't help but notice his bumper stickers. One says "War is not the answer" and the other one says "Peace now!" in big letters. Yeah, ok...whatever. I keep going. Things to do and all that.

Well surprise, surprise, but when I shift back left to pass a bus in the right lane that I'm coming up on, the Toyota starts flashing it's high beams even though it's still several car-lengths back, and it accelerates to the point where it's now riding my back bumper. I give him a polite but firm courtesy brake check to let him know that he needs to back off a bit, and as soon as we pass the bus, it gets into the right lane next to me and accelerates again until it's alongside me. I look over and I see this guy with unkempt bushy hair and a matching beard, neither of which appear to have been groomed since the late 1980's. He's angrily mouthing something I can't make out and shaking his fist at me. I actually start laughing at the picture of this goofy leftist with an obvious anger-management problem, then I give him the Hawaiian good luck sign and accelerate away from him. But looking at his grooming standards and that POS car, it would appear that the job market's pretty tough these days for applicants with a Liberal Arts graduate degree who probably couldn't pass a drug screen on a bet.


  1. :-D That was great!

  2. I find these loosers allthe time around here.