Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama to American Citizens: "BITE ME!"

Notice that he did this just before running out the door to start his latest 11-day vacation in Marthas Vinyard.

Once again, Barack Obama gives American citizens the middle finger and refuses to abide by the laws of our land...or at least the laws that he and his political supporters do not like.

Defense of Marriage Act? "Don't care if it is the law," Obama said. "I personally think it's unconstitutional so I'm not defending or enforcing it. Screw the Supreme Court. I'm smarter so I'll decide."

"Fast and Furious" investigation? "Don't care if there is a lawful congressional investigation in progress. My Justice Department won't cooperate and we'll fire whistleblowers."

And now we have this one:
"Don't care if they are in the country illegally. I'm not going to allow them to be deported any more."

Since the Congress that was elected last year to stop Obama's march towards Socialism refused to pass the DREAM Act (the legislation that would have allowed most any illegal alien under the age of 35 to remain in our country simply by expressing an intent to go to college or join the military), Obama has been telling illegals and their special interest groups that it's the Republicans' fault that they can't get legal status in our country. Of course he says this despite the fact he refused to even allow such legislation to be brought up during the two years that his party had total veto-proof control of the entire government. And now that he's managed to frame it as a "The GOP hates brown people" issue, he turns around and simply orders the Department of Homeland Security to stop doing it's job in cases where the illegal alien would have been eligible for that DREAM Act that our Congress killed, basically saying that it doesn't matter what the People's elected representatives do. And he's also suspending deportations in cases where the illegal "just isn't a high priority" because they've been here for a while and never been convicted of anything other than "minor" crimes. All those drunk drivers who kill our citizens? No problema any more if they happen to be illegal. Obama just prevented any of them from being deported. And he did it not by passing a law, but by refusing to enforce or obey laws that were already passed.

Oh--and they may be getting work permits, too.
The move means that those who are in deportation proceedings will have their cases reviewed and, if they are set aside as low-priority, could possibly be given work permits. Low-priority individuals will also be less likely to end up in deportation proceedings in the first place, officials said.
Isn't that great? nearly a fifth of Americans out of work and Obama wants to allow millions of illegals to compete with those Americans for what jobs still exist after nearly three years of his policies killing off our economy.

When we get leaders that pick and choose which public mandates they'll obey, we no longer have a government "of the People, by the People, for the People." We have a tyranny and despotic rule by the minority as they see fit. This is not what our nations founders or subsequent generations of Americans had in mind as they were shaping this country.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm pissed off and I've got a machine gun to clean and oil and some ammo to link up.


  1. I truly cannot recall a time when a president acted more as a despot than today. We simply must kick him out of office.

    Tomorrow would not be too soon.

  2. Sheesh!

    And the left described RMN's as 'the Imperial Presidency'.

    Sort of the pot calling the kettle...well, nevermind.

  3. Can we say despot???

  4. Don't care if he is the lawfully elected President by slightly more than 50% of the voters. Once he's out of office, I'm going to make him move to Britain, and force him to live out his days in Benedict Arnold's old house.