Friday, August 12, 2011

Robert "Sandy" Vietze needs his ass whipped.

By now I'm sure you've heard about spoiled preppy kid Robert "Sandy" Vietze, of Warren, Vt. He's the punk who urinated on a sleeping 11 year old girl on a recent Jet Blue flight to New York. He's recently been identified as a hopeful for the US Olympic Ski Team, but as of this writing, he's reportedly been tossed from the team, as he should have been after his deplorable actions and his refusal to apologize even days later. His only statement thus far was a claim that he was "drunk" and that as a result, he didn't realize what he was doing. That's not an apology--it's a lame-ass attempt at an excuse. Apparently being the rich-kid son of a pair of wealthy Vermonters has taught him that he owes no one any sort of consideration, not even the traumatized child of a cancer patient.
So far, he's still being prosecuted for indecent exposure, and we'll see if daddy can buy him out of a jail sentence that he deserves. But we also need to keep an eye on this case (from a safe distance, naturally) to make sure that the Olympic Team doesn't sneak him back onto the roster once the case gets a bit older and people move on to being outraged about other things. If you want to have a say in this matter, you can e-mail the US Ski Team's President, Bill Marolt, at, or try to post a comment on that organization's website congratulating them on booting Vietze and urging them not to reconsider later, unless of course they wish to bring him back in a slightly different capacity, such as the one held by Mel Brooks in this classic clip.

"Piss Boy" Vietze is damned lucky that the girl's father didn't give him the righteous ass-beating that he should have gotten. It's also too bad that Zin wasn't on that flight. THAT would have been karmic indeed.


  1. My first reaction would have been to make a serious effort to deck him.

  2. sounds like he was drunker than a skunk, probably could've just pushed him over. I'm surprised he wasn't charged with assault. 18 and drunk. Are there still states out there where it's legal to drink at the age of 18?
    on the face of it, it appears to me that there are few more charges that could be brought against the moron.

  3. Done... piss boy is right...

  4. Whipped?

    He needs to be stuck in a medieval stockade where people can throw garbage at him (or maybe urinate on him.)

  5. Let's hope he gets a little jail time. I'm betting ol' Bubba would be happy to teach him a thing or two about crotchal indescretions.

  6. I am not a big guy but I would have decked him. Drunks are easy!