Wednesday, September 28, 2011

People who need to be kicked...

Is there anything worse than walking into a take-out place just a second or two behind another person only to have that person step up to the counter and pull out a list of things that several of his or her friends who aren't present want, resulting in all of the available staff ignoring you to work on the large order that Mr./Miss Inconsiderate coulnd't be bothered to phone in?

OK, maybe the same person doing it ahead of you at the drive-thru, and then sitting in front of the window thoroughly checking the order while your food grows cold.

In either case, those people need to be kicked. Kick them in the ass for the first offense, and in the head if they ever do it again.

Just a rant for the day, posted with a sigh as I remember when common courtesy was actually common and people had the sense not to do stuff like this.


  1. See, I often end up bring in a LIST of orders from the office when I hit Dunkin donuts on my break, but if you walk in before I get started I try to let you go ahead of me if you're just ordering for yourself. Cause I KNOW its going to take forever!

  2. Man, you hit one of my pet peeves. I personally believe all cars at the drive through need to wait till all the people at the counter are served. and until there is no one at the counter they sit and wait...even if it means an hour. If they are too lazy to get their butt out of the car let them wait. I always park and go inside for take-out (unless my wife talks me into the drive thru)

  3. "Common" courtesy isn't, anymore ... and hasn't been for some time, it seems. No one is taught about it these days, either. And a pox on all us dinosaurs who keep referring to something today's kids have never heard about.

  4. I agree with you on part one.
    Part two - Remember the scene in Lethal Weapon Two, when Joe Pesci complains about leaving the drive through, before they confirm they have the right order? Using foul language?
    It only makes sense.
    I never would have allowed my daughter to see a film with such violence and foul language. Obviously, some neighbor did.
    Leaving the Jack one day, she yelled for me to stop, before she checked our order, then turned to me and said, "Ya know what Joe Pesci says!"

  5. My favorite is still when two women who know each other run into each other at the local grocery store and have a little chat. Which would be OK if it wasn't for the fact that somehow they always manage to angle their shopping carts in such a way as to completely block the aisle. And natter on despite your repeated "Excuse me!"s.

  6. I don't do drive through for JUST that reason... And yeah, common courtesy has gone the way of the Dodo...