Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stupid criminals--ya gotta love 'em!

Darwin Award, Felony Division.

Pity that all of our criminals aren't this "smart".
A Delaware County man who ingested a "white chalk substance" after officers approached his parked car has died of apparent cocaine poisoning, police said.

Police were passing by the car in the area of 20th and Madison Streets in Chester just after noon Thursday when they observed "suspicious activity." The 41-year-old unidentified man locked the car doors and began to eat the substance, thought to be cocaine, and drink "gulps" of water. The man, from Chester, unlocked the doors after he had finished eating the substance.

But at least he beat that possession charge!


  1. Yep, Darwinism at it's finest!

  2. Wow. How did that seem like a good idea...

  3. That's why they call it "dope"!

  4. and he politely hastened his departure from the gene pool...
    how thoughtful, being as that is where he was headed in short order anyway.

  5. Saved taxpayers the costs of prosecuting and incarcerating and paroling him.

    Oh, I forgot -- His family will probably bring a lawsuit against the police officers who approached his car!!!

  6. Picture a trial. Some redhead testifies with help from other three letter agencies involved. But her testiomy is the nail.

    Picture criminal leaving the court, in earshot of all. Threatens to show up on her porch when he gets out to rape her.

    Redhead replies "fine, bring someone with a dick".

    Probably not the thing to say but it DID add to his sentence. And yes, I will have squirrls watching the trees when he gets out next month.

  7. Tried, convicted and sentenced without costing us a dime!