Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who's smirking now, punk?

Troy Davis smirked as he murdered Savannah Police Officer Mark McPhail, an Army veteran and father of two young children. That was 22 years ago, and justtice came round tonight as the US Supreme Court refused to grant him yet another stay and the State of Georgia put his lights out for good.

One less POS on the planet breathing our air.

And for those who still doubt his guilt, let me recap.

Davis had been at a party that night, surrounded by people who knew him. While there, he shot a man. Witnesses identified him and shell casings were recovered. He was convicted of that shooting in another trial.

Following that shooting, he went to a Burger King with another scumbag and they beat a homeless man over a can of beer. When Officer McPhail, who was working an off-duty security shift at the Burger King saw this and tried to help the homeless man, Davis shot him twice, once in the chest and then again in the face as Officer mcPhail lay on the ground. Witnesses reported that davis was smirking when he did this.Davis ran away and fled to Atlanta the next day, but again, shell casings were recovered, and they matched the ones recovered at the previous shooting. On top of that, his pal who'd been there with him went to the police and gave a full statement, implicating Davis. Six other eyewitnesses who were right there when it happened also positively identified Davis.

Here. Read all about it.

Yes, some of those witnesses tried to recant their stories recently, twenty-two years later. But it's no wonder, what with Davis supporters suddenly showing up on their doorsteps and badgering them about a man who was going to die because of things that they said two decades ago. But when they had testified originally, they were also cross-examined thoroughly by Davis' defense counsel, and had they been mistaken or out-and-out lying as a couple are now claiming (since there's no chance of being criminally charged for perjury after all these years), it would almost certainly have come out back then when both the prosecution and defense attorneys were subjecting them and their testimony to intense scrutiny.

Bottom line is that, despite Davis' supporters claiming that there was no evidence to convict him, there was plenty. That's why every appellate court that looked at this case found no reason to set the jury decision or death sentence aside. The reviwers who had access to all of the evidence affirmed that Davis was, in fact, guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, and that's why, twenty two years later, he's finally assumed room temperature per judicial order. Justice was tardy here but it's finally been served.

Burn in Hell, scumbag.

Oh--and Lawrence Brewer was executed in Texas this night as well for his role in savagely dragging a man to death behind a pick-up truck. It was truly a banner day for Justice. There wasn't much of a protest over his execution though, but then again, he was white.


  1. Hope the "international community" is outraged. He was a thug, lead a thug lifestyle. and was convicted of another killing. Good riddance.

  2. When they still used the electric chair in Florida I would turn off my lights just before an execution to give them a little more "juice" I know it was symbolic but I had fun with it.

  3. I saw the difference in treatment and just had to shake my head. Outrage over the black man and his sentence but hardly a puff of smoke over the white guy. Honestly the country is so careful to be politically correct and so careful to not come off as racist that others suffer. Not saying either deserved a stay but just that no white guy was going to get that level of furor over his sentence. Just as the mass release programs of felons seem to release the minorities first. Can't seem discriminatory. Uggg....

    Both found their just reward.

  4. Glad both received justice!!

    One of my friends is very pro-Davis and I cannot bring myself to even speak to her at the moment.

    He is guilty as sin and deserved what he got. And I wish we executed death row inmates more often. People sitting on death row just take up space & money. I say they get 30 days to appeal and if the courts still find them guilty, then they need to be immediately executed.

  5. The interesting thing about the Brewer execution here in my beloved state of Texas is that it really put the pinko liberal contingent in a bind. He was sentenced to death, but for one of the most heinous hate crimes ever (and in my opinion, one of the few hate crimes that ACTUALLY was a hate crime - the stated goal of those three men for the evening was to go out and kill themselves a black man). Anyway, so if you are an anti-death penalty, anti-hate crime advocate, what do you do? Sure enough, the anti-death penalty people here in TX did not even mount any kind of defense for Brewer - in fact, their spokesperson actually said "He is not a very sympathetic person."

    Freaking hypocrites.

  6. Sigh... I gotta dig out my shirt from when they fried Bundy. It said 1 down, 131 to go :-)

  7. Careful there... you're getting a little too close to the truth for the liberals...

    Dann in Ohio

  8. Anonymous2:41 PM

    May he get the harshest punishment Hell can offer.