Wednesday, October 19, 2011


OK, just when you thought that you were safe, here's more Alaska pics.

This time it's animals.

My biggest hope was to see another moose. Last time I was up, they were everywhere. But this time, it seemed like I couldn't find a moose with a sack of moose crack and a moose call. So here's a bear instead. I already posted the Grizzly Bear from Denali once, but it was just so cool that I'm posting it again.

Then there were these caribou that were just swimming in Summit Lake, near Paxson.

Close, but no moose. Still pretty damned cool though.
How about that up in the tree? Is that a moose? Nope--it's a Bald Eagle.
These guys were pretty thick along the southern coast, but this was the only one that stayed still long enough for me to get good shots of him. I'm thinking I need a few of these guys around the Lair to help Murphy deal with the feral cat problem.

So ok, last day of the trip. 1400+ miles driven and I haven't seen a moose. Maybe they're all gone. So I'm now in freaking Anchorage (A suburb of Seattle that's just a short distance from Alaska) and what do I see on the airport road?

A MOOSE! Right there at the airport to see me off, too.

My trip was now complete. The last thing on the "to do" list had been checked off. A moose had been seen and photographed, with literally two minutes to spare. Rock on, Bullwinkle! (OK, it's a chick moose, I know...)


  1. Very nice pictures. I'm glad you had such a rewarding visit.

  2. Nice pictures..good for you on the moose. I've enjoyed your trip.

  3. My oldest son returned from six weeks in WY a couple weeks ago, saw a moose in the south central part of the state (Medicine Bow NF area).

    I've been there a dozen times and have never seen a moose...

    Maybe you should have scheduled a side trip to Cicely (Northern Exposure) to see Mort - who, ironically, was provided by WSU, (and program filming was done in Redmond).

    Maybe the one you saw was one of Mort's progeny.

  4. Great Ghu. She's huge. Looks like a horse.

  5. I am sooooo jealous. My folks have been to Alaska several times, and I've always wanted to take Mrs. Paladin but just never made it happen.

    I need to fix that!