Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Brigid Question

Brigid posed a great question yesterday. It was a question that I answered in her comment section, but on further reflection, I thought that it deserved more. So here's her question again:
"If you could only take what you could load in your arms, in your car, in the event of a disaster what would it be?"
What would you take with you if you only had a minute or two to gather up as much as you could carry in one trip, knowing that once you passed out your door, there was no going back for anything else, what would you take?

For me it was surprisingly simple. Going up to my gun safe, I would remove a small fireproof box that has all of my crucial documents: birth certificate, professional license documentation, and bank account info; stuff that I'll need to prove that I am who I am and allow me to access off-site funds. There's also enough cash in that box to keep me going for a while in an emergency. That's what that cash is for.

Next, from that gunsafe, I'd grab my favorite rifle and pistol and the loaded magazines for each which are in the gun safe, ready and waiting. nearby is a belt and Load Bearing vest with a holster for that pistol and mag pouches for both weapons. Those pouches contain loaded magazines already, just waiting for such a grab-and-go situation.
There are also three small pistols in that safe. These are my back-up or "hide-out" pistols. They fit in my pockets so I'd take those, too. Who knows, but I may get to a point where I need something good to barter for something else.
Finally, I'd probably scoop up my Uzi, the loaded magazine for it that's in the safe, and it's shoulder pouch containing six additional loaded 32rd. magazines. By now I'm moving out the door with about 40lbs. of weaponry, a quantity of cash and all of my essential documents. I'm good to go now, because with one more exception, everything else I'll need is already in my vehicle.

Come on, Murphy. Let's go for a ride. Load up.
Murphy loves to ride, and he'll be in the vehicle in a flash.

I could close the door on everything else, knowing that I was never going to see it again. It's all just stuff, and stuff can be replaced. That's why we have insurance.

Now in my vehicle, I still have my emergency "bug out" bag. With this and the above items, I'm good to go. My vehicle never--ever--has less than half a tank of gas in it due to my work's on-call requirement, and even if I can't buy any more gas, I can get a couple hundred miles out of that half a tank. I now have mobility and range and enough firepower to get me out of any trouble that I can't otherwise avoid. I may lose my house and everything left behind in it but Murph and I will be safe and well-fed for a few days and we can always start again someplace else, come what may.

So how about you? What would you take if you could only make one trip out your door, and would it be enough? Could you leave everything else that you've ever acquired?


  1. I pretty much duplicate yours except no Uzi and no dog. But I'm betting I could come up with a dog on short order!

  2. Obviously I need to get more things within reach of vehicle. Cats are first - so that kind of means two trips absolute because carriers would be one trip itself.

  3. Too old and stiff to bug out. Will hunker in place and see how many I can take out before they get me.

  4. Food/Water? In such an emergency the stores will either be cleaned out/closed/looted. Is that part of your in-car kit? Perhaps one of your guns would be a .22 of some sort for plugging the odd squirrel or rabbit the crossed your path?

    Blankets? Toilet Paper?

  5. I was gonna ask if backpacks, slings, and other load carrying gear were allowed. Reading your response, I see yes.

    You have a very good system there.

  6. I have something similar in a briefcase in the master bedroom. I'd have to stop across the hall in the office to get to the gun cabinet. As long as the detached garage didn't burn, I'd be able to grab enough camping gear to last for a long time.

  7. @ Scott: There is already food and water in my vehicle, but if I need more, I'm a lawyer with guns and money. If it's out there somewhere, I'll find it.

  8. The wife and I would hunker due to age and infirmities.
    I have a house plan.

  9. Everyone who lives in the house has a bag, with enough room left over to throw a few changes of clothes in.

  10. My car already has a M1 Carbine, so I just take my CCW gun and maybe one of the guns we have hidden in the house.

    LOTS of food, blankets, bottled water (we keep a couple of cases around), radio, Surefire flashlights, and maybe my .30 cal ammo can with CCW ammo.

    Oh, and the bugout bag I keep. That comes to.

  11. Paul: "My cat already has a M1 Carbine". How does your feline operate the trigger without an opposable thumb and what about the recoi...oh, wait, found my bifocals...nevermind.