Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Well that's one way to go.

Darwin must still be laughing.

Wayne Joshua Mitchell, 20, collapsed and died in the back seat of a North Charleston, South Carolina police car after his older brother, Deangelo Rashard Mitchell, talked Wayne into retrieving a baggie containing an ounce of cocaine from Deangelo's butt crack and eating it to keep Deangelo from catching yet another drug charge.

Ironically, Deangelo talked his little brother into eating a lethal dose of cocaine in an attempt to avoid another drug conviction that would have sent him to prison for up to life. Now he's in even more trouble as he's being charged with the death of his rather stupid brother since the police got it all on videotape.

You can't make this stuff up, folks! And remember that they call it "dope" for a reason.

The only pathetic part: Deangelo was already a convicted felon who was actually out on bond from a prior case, and the court still let him out on bond again in this case before anyone knew how his brother had died. Not surprisingly, Deangelo has disappeared.

Edited to add:
Whoops! They just found him. Guy knows that he's wanted and he still can't stay off the police radar for even a month.

Worst. Criminal. Ever.


  1. So who are stupider, these two nitwits or the court system?

  2. Right up there with sitting on top of a freight load and getting killed when it is dumped. Yeesh. I've got pieces of furniture smarter than some of the folks I've heard about recently.

  3. You know, sometimes you just can't lose with things like this.

    Idiot brother consumers cocaine from bigger idiot brother, subsequently assumes squad-car/room temperature and in the process, rids society of another parasitic leech.

    Conversely, the causation in this, big brother, is now in even more trouble and will be off the streets forever.

    It's a shame we couldn't give HIM some crack cocaine to ingest, but either way, society got a double-play for the price of one with these two oxygen thieves.

    All in all, not a bad day.


  4. Crack Kills. I guess even your brother's.

  5. Yeah, I shook my head when it hit the news here. What PH said!

  6. Darwin said people evolved into smarter creatures. Guess he was wrong.