Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Portrait of an "Occupy" member

Here is a OWS Dude. He's the guy on the street with the nose rings, the dreadlocks and the lice.

He's the guy in Starbucks making coffee because it's the only job he can get with his degree in Art History.He doesn't always have money for rent or food but he always has money for weed. He rents a dingy studio apartment with a window on the sidewalk level. Bums sleep on his steps and pee on his sidewalk window. He doesn't seem to care. He doesn't even notice the smell.

He's the guy that rides a bicycle everywhere he goes because he can't afford a car. He has to keep replacing the bicycle because people like him keep stealing it.

He has no mechanical skills. He has no administrative skills. He has no trade. He is a vegan, too weak from malnutrition to work at any kind of physical labor job; not that he would take one anyway as that kind of work is beneath him. He despises the military and law enforcement. He has an upside down American flag taped to his sidewalk window... right next to his marijuana flag.

He hangs out with other leftwing losers who blame their innumerable failures in life on people they've never met and know nothing about.He's always borrowing money from someone but never pays them back. He gives them some weed instead.

He's never contributed time or money to any civic project yet he constantly criticizes his community.He fully immerses himself in anything leftwing. The more these leftwing organizations bash America, the more rabid he becomes. Despite his leftist fervor, he is always on the outside looking in. He's a loser and even the leftwing losers that tolerate him think he's a loser. He's never been able to become part of their leftist clique, no matter how much he bashes America.When he gets old and is unable to support himself he will turn to welfare. He is a parasite. When his life is over he will have contributed nothing but hatred and bigotry to the world. He will be buried in a state owned lot at the taxpayers expense. Maybe one or two of his dealers or customers will stop by for the funeral service. So long OWS bum.

Text courtesy of Matthew Clark, in a comment that he posted to Politico. Too good not to steal and share. The pics I just nabbed off the net.


  1. Add, "and his self-professed compassion and tolerance for other beliefs led him and his cronies to disrupt the prayers of the participants of this year's March for Life in D.C. - a peaceful one day gathering whose participants return to families and productive jobs the next day."

  2. Good one, and on the money... OUR money... sigh

  3. A) Yes Corporations do run alot of the country. And Corporations are made up of STOCKHOLDERS. Millions of them thanks to the 401 and 403 retirement packages.

    So what? The stockholders are voters to.

    B) $25 G's and he is a socialist? Wants everyone else to pay for his eduction. I say sure, let's educate him by dropping him off in Zimbabwe!

    C) and the shit-for-brains with the 'We are the 99%' sign sure does not speak for ME! More likely, considering the size of the OWS crowd, they are of the .0001 percent.

  4. Some people are too worthless to even be breathing the same air as us.

  5. The guys votes for a socialist government that gives student loans that allows to crowd universities with gender studies, theater, and art students.

    It means that socialist government isnt' using that money to create more universities that provide actual job skills that people can use, increasing education supply, which would lower the price and make it more accesible.

    Inflates the price of education because of the huge demand of stunts that go in debt, so they can get out of university without real skills and debt they can't pay back.

    Then he incites you to vote for more socialist governments that will further bury the country's youth in debt.

    Some people just want to watch the world burn-