Friday, February 24, 2012

All those poor guns, gone forever

This story makes me sad.

George Foster was driving from Florida to Alaska recently, and when the Canadian border folks asked him if he had any firearms with him, he said no. They checks his truck anyway and found the above-photographed 75 of them, all of which have now been seized and which will almost certainly be destroyed.

Foster was stupid, no doubt. He could have declared and had sealed most all of the long guns, and just shipped the handguns and Canada-unfriendly rifles via UPS or Fed-Ex to himself in Alaska and had no trouble. But instead, he tried to be slick about it and got caught.

Looking over the collection, which probably took a lifetime to acquire, I see at least four M1 carbines, what looks to be a Winchester Model 87 shotgun, several 1911s, at east one Luger, a Walther P-38, and several Smiths and Colts that could well be high-dollar collector's pistols. Now all of that nice stuff is gone, just as if Foster had driven it to the docks and pitched it into the ocean. I can kind of feel for him for his loss, but not as much as if he'd been some innocent guy who didn't lose them in an act of criminal stupidity while managing to make both gun owners and Americans look bad all in one fell blow.

Thanks to Rev. Paul for the tip.


  1. I feel for him too but seriously, someone needs to beat him with a 2x4. If he just wanted to dispose of them I've got a few bucks in my pocket.

  2. It would have been SO SIMPLE to avoid that problem. Not only did he get caught, but he lied about having any firearms when they first asked him.

    Some folks just can't get out of their own way, ya know?

  3. Ouch! STUUUPid, Maybe?

  4. that is just SO SAD

  5. If he was that dumb, he probably should not have had all those guns. I cannot believe anyone that stupid was a responsible gun owner.

  6. Probably could rationalize an excuse if this was a domestic matter, but if you are crossing international borders it wouldn't take a rocket scientist to do a bit of research on what would be required when traveling with 75 guns. Maybe the guy is simply too stupid to own that sort of a treasure.

  7. Well, at least he's still alive. I say this having known of and known a few people who decided they could load up a small plane and overfly Canada from Juneau down to Seattle (or vice versa) in order to avoid Canadian restrictions (they don't apply with overflight, only landing in a foreign country).

    Sometimes they make it. Sometimes they don't. Sometimes we never find the bodies. Cleverness, creativity, and optimism are great forces for generating plans - but reality always triumphs, whether you plan with or against it.

  8. Whoa...

    Isn't one of them a SAWED OFF SHOTGUN?

    Look at the one below the paratrooper M1 Carbine.

    Sure he wasn't gun running?

  9. What a maroon! And the Sawn-off maybe is a clue as to why he said "No"...a bigger dumbass.