Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Liberal whack job Cindy Sheehan in tax fight after refusing to pay for 7 years

She wants to have a say in how our country is run, but she doesn't want to have to contribute her fair share.

Liberal activist and professional protester Cindy Sheehan is in trouble with the IRS over seven years of unpaid taxes, and this time, it's a fight that I hope the IRS wins.

But seriously, what else can you expect from a woman who disowned her son when he enlisted and then shed crocodile tears and rushed out to cash his military life insurance policy so she could use the money to carry on her anti-war hobby crusade.

To an extent I can feel some small measure of pity for her. When Bush was in office, she was the darling of the left and Nancy Pelosi's BFF, and she naturally came to believe that her star would never set so long as she could beat the adminstration over the head with her dead son. But all that changed when Obama took office and the Dems took over Congress. At that time, Cindy's usefulness was at an end and Pelosi started calling the Capitol Police on her in lieu of inviting her to Congresional functions. The media also responded to the Democrats' puppeteering and stopped covering her when she showed up at the White House. Crazy Cindy, as she came to be known, tried to keep her protest in the public eye, but she'd been abandoned literally overnight by those who used to support and encourage her because suddenly they were the ones in power and the woman who they used as a tool to embarrass the last administration was viewed as a pain-in-the-ass to this one. So it's no wonder that she went over the edge and lost what little piece of her mind that still functioned.

Now, desperate for attention of any kind, she's trying to turn her attempt to avoid paying her fair share--something that the liberals say that we all must do--into another shot at the brass ring of public acclaim. She wants to be famous again, and she wants to be loved and adored by the left.

Well good luck with that, Cindy, because trying to keep from handing over your cash to the government is on par with wanting to own guns or criticizing Obama--it's just not going to be tolerated.

Get her, IRS.


  1. Ya know, I owed about $1500 in taxes last year over what they took out.
    I was paying quarterly till I got laid off.
    I was on UE and didn't pay the last $300 and they didn't hesitate to slap a garnishee on the wives paycheck.

    I guess if i would have put down I was a .GOV employee that they'd let it lie-- just like the $3 billion in unpaid taxes they owe in DeeCee.

  2. What comes around, goes around.

  3. A useful idiot now cast away.....karma is a bitch you know..

  4. I feel sorry for her. I really think she is insane.

  5. Anonymous2:14 PM

    A one time useful idiot

  6. Sorry, can't help snickering.

  7. +1 on Msgt's comment...