Saturday, April 14, 2012

20 new Spitfires found in Burma? WANT ONE!!!

Two of my favorite bloggers, Peter of The Bayou Renaissance Man and Bob at The Drawn Cutlass, have links to this wonderful story of twenty zero-time British Spitfires being dug up and brought home from Burma sixty-seven years after they were buried in their shipping crates to keep the Japanese from capturing them.

Spitfires buried in Burma during war to be returned to UK

That's kind of a special aircraft to me because that's the one that one of my major life inspirations, Douglas Bader, flew in World War Two. I used to tell myself that if he could master one of those who two prosthetic legs, I could damned sure master the Cessna 172 with just one. But now I want a Spitfire, too.

Someone please tell the recovery people that I will fly over there on my own dime with a shovel tomorrow and dig like a fool if I can have one.


  1. As one of the commenters said "JOLLY Good Show!".
    Seeing as there's only a handful left in flyable condition, this is a spectacular find.

  2. And there are three more P-38s in Greenland under the ice.

    Bring them home to!

  3. @ Paul: FIVE P-38s under the Greenland ice. However it was 240 feet of glacial ice back when they recovered Glacier Girl. It's no doubt even more now and that Greenland environment's tough during the mild season. Still...I'm game for a shot at them if a few of you want to join in.

  4. Wow, that guy must really love Spitfires. Very cool story.

  5. The Spits were the fangs of the RAF during the Battle of Britain. I love them! Douglas Bader, Robert Stanford Tuck, and all the rest!

  6. Out-freaking-standing! A Huge find!