Saturday, April 14, 2012

Obama's security detail in trouble over hookers

And a bunch of them were apparently sent home from Columbia for it.

12 Secret Service members sent home amid alleged prostitution scandal

Not sure why Obama or anyone else is upset about this. I mean, if it's true, those agents were only doing to the Columbian girls what Obama has been doing to America and every US ally since he took office.


  1. Anonymous4:43 PM

    Call me cynical, but I smell a Rat. A cover-up or someone is wagging the dogs tail.
    It's just hard to believe that the Secret Service agents could be dumb enough to deal with hookers.

    This story is baloney all the way through. I'd watch Obama's other hand. First t he Hillary Rosen outburst, and now this? Come on, something 's not right here.

  2. "Only' 11 of them... :-) All because one asshat refused to pay the hooker!

  3. What makes you think the SS was not getting hookers FOR Obama?

    Where was Michelle? See? Obama might be in a sex orgy here. Now in his own book he admitted in college he took cocaine for a year and even SOLD IT!

    Also were these hookers vetted to make sure they were not spies or terrorist?

    Yes it was a huge failure if leadership.

  4. If true, that would have been very boneheaded thing to do. It could cost the guilty ones both their jobs and their marriage.

  5. Serious vulnerablility to blackmail there.

  6. @ PH: Well to be fair, if you were a patriotic American and your job entailed protecting Obama, you'd probably turn to booze and hookers too, if not hard drugs.