Thursday, May 17, 2012

I gotta get that UPS truck rerouted.

So the UPS truck drives by today, just like it does every business day.

And Murphy, ever the fan of Mike the UPS guy, is on the job. He stands up on the deck rail and barks and barks and barks.
"You shall not pass!"

But there's no delivery for us today, so the truck keeps right on going down the road. Murphy of course takes credit for it's not stopping and demands a treat, dropping into his prone begging position.
"I skeered him off, Boss. Now part with a Milk Bone!"


  1. Wife gave me a t-shirt that says "My dog's not spoiled, I'm well-trained". Sounds like you could use one of those....

  2. Hehehe- to 'him' he did his job :-)

  3. Classic!

    I love it when the force you to play with them.

    I had a dog that loved to play fetch. He would pick up his ball and drop it in my lap, of course, if I didn't want to play again, I would just drop the ball...

    Naturally, the dog would pick up the dropped ball and put it back in my lap, which at this point, by default, I was playing.

    The dog I'm talking about was a white German Shepherd. Smart dogs.