Thursday, May 17, 2012

Judge Napolitano says "First Patriot to shoot down a government spy drone will be an American hero

He did say it. Right here.
Judge Andrew Napolitano has warned Congress not to act “like potted plants” regarding the increased use of unmanned surveillance drones without warrants over US skies by military, government, and law enforcement agencies.

Echoing the recent comments of his Fox News colleague Charles Krauthammer, Napolitano also said that “The first American patriot that shoots down one of these drones that comes too close to his children in his backyard will be an American hero.”

Well hell...I'm your huckleberry, Judge. Bring one over this way and I'll see what I can do.
So how exactly do I lure one of those things in range?


  1. I've got plenty of nice guns myself, but every time you show that M60 it makes me want to sell them all to get one!

  2. They typically fly too high to be noticed, don't they? Sounds like the solution is to find out where they are based and get them as they take off or as soon as possible thereafter.

    Or, better yet, make note of the Congresscritters who vote to approve such an abominable bill, and mark them down to be defeated in the following election.

  3. Maybe do a blog about shooting obama zombie targets.

  4. I do not like the idea of those things just patrolling, either. Like TSA at airports, I view it as searches without warrants. We fought a whole damn war against the British to stop just this sort of thing.

  5. As far as luring one in, you've probably done enough already just with this blog and all your talk about the Constitution and the Second Amendment - you're probably already on someone's list! You should fly a Gadsden flag at your house so they make sure they get the right one - sort of like a honeypot.

    From what I've read these aren't the same kind of drones that they are flying in the 'stans - they are much smaller with less endurance than the Predators. But I too consider these to be an insidious invasion of privacy by an increasingly militarized government.

    Just yesterday I was pulling out of the gas station and saw a tracked APC with the emblems of our local PD emblazoned on its side going down the road, closely followed by their SWAT truck. ML - you know the area here, it was at Grand River and ML King, eastbound into the city. Likely coming from the LPD training complex near the airport.

    All this hardware is very disturbing, indeed. Why does a local police dept. need an APC? Are things that bad in this area? I don't think so. So what's with the APC?

  6. Oh dude! You are so on every watch list possible now! I'd be laughing if I thought it was just me pranking you about it...Orwell is becoming increasingly savant.

  7. If you wish to do in a spy drone do NOT use a gun since what goes up must come down.

    Direct radio interference is better. A EMP strike if you will.

    No, don't need to do a Iran and spoof the drone to land but you can fry the electronics on board.

  8. @ Sport Pilot: Come the day when they start rounding up people for being true to the Constitution, I'll be ashamed if on not on their first day's priority pick-up list.

    Of course I also plan to be gone when they get here.

  9. Usually putting out a saucer of marinara sauce (drones are suckers for marinara) and some Cheetos will do the trick. Then while they're zoned in on the kibble, you toss a net over em. Cuz remember, a live one is worth two in the bush.

    aaaaaaaaaand on that note, I think its bedtime. Or med-time, either one.

  10. Oh what the hell, it's only ONE MORE list... :-)