Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Alligator bites bum and gets killed. How is THAT fair?

So in Florida, a vagrant bum at a homeless camp jumped into the river and wound up getting bitten by an alligator that everyone apparently knew was there.

9-foot alligator attacks man going for dip in creek near homeless camp

Authorities come along, take the bum to a hospital, and kill the alligator.

Now I ask you, who made that stupid call? Alligators don't panhandle, apply for welfare, steal or vote for Democrats. Were it MY choice, the alligator would be the one getting a vet check-up, and the bum and the rest of his useless camp-mates would have been tossed into the river for the other gators.

But I guess that I'm just a meany.


  1. Poor gator. Couple weeks ago in BC a bear ate the remains of a murderer, and got put down. Hardly fair!

  2. Heck, even VISITORS to Florida know that there's alligators all over the place!