Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another reason to go live in Alaska

The local government sells guns.

Confiscated Items Sold at Fairbanks Police Auction.
All the auction items came from the police department's evidence locker and were confiscated as evidence in criminal investigations or had gone unclaimed, though the history behind auction items was not provided.

It was the first evidence locker auction in about 10 years, the city's purchasing director, Tony Shumate said. The money raised goes into the city's general fund, he said.

The guns were laid out in a row on tables in front of the flatbed truck Schultz was standing on. Pictures of each gun appeared on the TV screen as they came up for bid. Gun buyers were required to have background checks before they could take possession of any firearms they purchased.
Now that's how it works when the government serves the people instead of the other way around...you know--the way the Democrats run things.


  1. Private business creates wealth.

    Government destroys wealth.

  2. GBBL is right, of course. The public sector cannot generate income; it only consumes what others produce.

    Regarding living in Alaska: come on up - the water's fine!