Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Well since I was ordering Glock parts last week courtesy of that Glock 21 I had the issues with, I also nabbed a competition trigger spring since a Glock 19 that I own has always had a horrible trigger.

I took this particular MPDC-marked Model 19 in trade from a DC cop that I know. He liked an Enfield that I had and I liked this department-marked Glock that he had, so we did a trade.

As I usually do with my Glocks, I swapped out the disconnector for a 3.5lb. disconnector offered by Lone Wolf. Usually that cleans muddy triggers right up, but in this case, it did nothing for the pistol and it still maintained a pretty crummy trigger pull. I tired of this pistol pretty quickly after that and relegated it to my wall rack with the other police-marked pistols that I own.

Well when I saw this spring at Glockmeister, I figured "why not?" and I ordered one. I just finished installing it in the Model 19, and WOW! The new trigger pull is crisp and clean and breaks like glass, although it still feels like about a 5lb. trigger, give or take, which really isn't bad for a carry gun. Now it's comparable to my 1911 and H&K P7M13, both of which break at 4.5lbs.

So naturally I had to run out and test-shoot it this morning. It was raining out, but hey--bad guys come out in the rain too, right? I loaded up the magazines and put a quick hundred rounds onto the steel targets, getting soaked but determining that it's functioning reliably AND shooting like a real sweet-heart now. For the first time since I acquired it, I really like this pistol and will consider carrying it. I'm still not a massive Glock fan but I trust the ones that I own to do their job when called upon and that's enough for me.


  1. How come Murphy hasn't chewed up one of your Glock's yet?

  2. @Sport Pilot: I like to think it's because he has respect for my stuff (food left on the counters notwithstanding) but it's more likely because he can't open the gun safe.

  3. Hadn't seen that one before... Guess I better order a few.