Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It begins. First Colorado shooting lawsuit...filed by an UNINJURED person.

Here we go, folks.

Some loser named Torrence Brown Jr. who was reportedly at the theater that got shot up in Colorado last week has found an ambulance-chasing shyster in California by the name of Donald Karpel and together they're bringing suit against the theater chain, the movie studio that made the Dark Knight Rises movie, and any doctors that they can identify as having treated the shooter for anything.

CO shooting survivor threatens to sue studio, theater

In other words, it's a shotgun play suing anyone and everyone who might have some money on the chance that one or more parties will offer a settlement to get them to go away. It's scummy, it's appalling, and it's a preferred tactic of the modern-day nutless man and the Trial Lawyers Association.

Making this one all the more disgusting is the fact that Brown wasn't even injured. He ran out of the theater and didn't even suffer a scratch, but now he's claiming that he's "traumatized".

Hell, that's nothing that a few dozen good swift kicks in the junk won't cure. And as his lawyer, Karpel is entitled to every third kick in his junk. Oh, and Karpel should be sanctioned for bringing an obviously frivolous lawsuit. This is a punishment that bad lawyers are supposed to get but seldom if ever do, mainly because they are overseen by other lawyers.

Thanks to Borepatch for the punishment idea.


  1. I don't suppose a judge can look at this and just say "Bugger off!"?

  2. Well Trial lawyers are a democrap core constituency.....so I am not surprised.

  3. I kinda hope that there is at least one person who was there with a concealed permit that will sue the theater chain for not letting them carry. Or sue for while not letting them carry, not protecting them.

  4. Now now...lets not bad-mouth all lawyers out there, simply because 99% give the rest a bad name.

    I certainly hope there's a judge with nads big enough to throw both in the klink and allow Bubba to have his way with both just for allowing that crap lawsuit to cross his desk. Talk about frikkin blood-dancing!

  5. But...

    It now turns out the nutjob didn't have body armor.. only the commando black vest, helmet, pants, etc...

    And the nutjob WAS UNDER THE CARE OF A DOCTOR and maybe off his meds. The same meds he may have been on during his hearing (and from the looks it must have been SOME MEDS!)

    And, it also turns out he had a $26K USA grant, yes money, and his tuition was paid by the government. That his how he had money to buy all the guns and ammo and still be on welfare.

    See Obama is right, you didn't do it all by youeself, the government has a hand in it.

  6. @#$&*(# asshole... I hope this is thrown out immediately!