Thursday, August 09, 2012

B-29 Superfortress

A centerpiece of Thunder Over Michigan was Fifi, the last surviving flying B-29 Superfortress. She was there and stone cold beautiful. We got up close and personal, too.

The question was posed earlier as to whether or not we saw Fifi the B-29 fly. Yes, yes we did.

There's even video.

Yep. Pretty fantastic to see.

Now I know that today is the 67th anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki, Japan by the B-29 Bock's Car. I know that the usual protesters have been making the rounds, including the handful of Japanese former residents of that city who have once again come to Washington, DC to assume the role of "victim" and pretend yet again that they had done nothing to deserve such a whacking. Some of them and their supporters may find this posting today offensive should they see it.

Well frankly, if they don't like these pictures and videos, they probably won't care for my official statement on the day, either:

People of Japan.

It's been sixty-seven years since you made us flatten Nagasaki. Most people on the planet today weren't even alive back then. Since that day, we've made up and become good friends and trading partners, and America has protected your country from foreign aggression.

Now I like to think that you've learned your lesson and we can all let bygones be bygones. But just in case you get any ideas, please take note of the fact that we've kept a B-29 on stand-by, ready to go back over there again if we have to. So please, don't make us have to do that again and let's just focus on a mutually beneficial future together.

Signed: An American.

Anyway, I thought that this statement might be a little better and more tasteful commemoration of the bombing of Nagasaki than my first idea, a catchy little musical number which admittedly might have struck some as being crass and insensitive.

Anyway... Here's to our World War Two vets, and to Fifi.

More B-29s here.


  1. Interesting read - "First Into Nagasaki", the memoirs of the first reporter into Nagasaki after the bomb.

  2. Nice, and yes a TRUE piece of history! And the quote works too!

  3. Thanks again for posting these pics, and providing a glimpse into our aviation past.

  4. I'd just remind the Japanese WHO STARTED THE WAR and if they don't want another 'instant sunrise' then don't:

    A. Attack another country without a formal declaration of war.

    B. Use suicide bombers which makes us think you are insane and thus any invasion would be just a bunch of Iwo Jima's and Okinawa's from one end to another.


    C. Don't go around beheading, bayoneting, and burning alive prisoners.

    In short.. if you act like savages expect us to treat you like one.

    But I will admit... sometimes I think Nazi Germany deserved a few "instant sunrise's" to. Japanese were hot blooded, but the Nazis were just plain cold blooded calculating killers.

  5. Yeah. What Paul said.

  6. A news story today reports that some Japanese activists - in addition to demanding all nations turn in their nuclear arms (to whom?) - requesting to do away with nuclear power in that country, following last year's tsunami.

    Of course all of the hype about zillion year radioactive half-lives, etc.

    But it makes me wonder: How much radiation was released, accidentally, from the power plant. And how does that compare with the, uh, I think intentional, release in 1945 August, where now thriving cities stand?

    I guess every country's got its greenie lefties, er, leftists. Nothing wrong with being a lefty, so I'm told...

  7. My question wasn't if you saw it fly but if they let you fly it.

  8. I've always donated money to the CAF for "Fifi".
    I've probably given them enough by now to *maybe* put one set of spark plugs in her.
    Keep 'Em Flying!

  9. Paul:

    add "cannibalism" of POW's


    Japan gets about 1/3 of their electricity from nukes. If they are planning on cutting manufacturing that much, they must anticipate a very bad world economy. Take heed, people.