Thursday, August 02, 2012

Emboldened by Obama, Illegals thumb their noses at America with a cross-country bus tour.

Only in the Obama-nation...

Bus full of self-proclaimed undocumented immigrants heads to North Carolina

So the illegal aliens now feel so brave that they've chartered a bus to take them to the Democratic National Convention and set up a cross-country speaking tour boasting of their status all the way there.

Where is ICE?
Where is our Border Patrol?

If Romney promises to make Joe Arpaio the new head of Homeland Security, I swear that I will take leave from my job to campaign for him full time just to put an end to travesties like this where trespassers and invaders in our country make a joke of the laws against their presence as they go to arrogantly demand things from America's elected representatives.

Stuff like this makes me want to order more ammunition...on-line, of course.


  1. Anything I say in response to that article (excluding your remarks, of course) would require me to repent later ... so I won't say anything.

  2. Heck, ICE and CBP are under orders to ignore and not try to pickup non-criminal immigrants (conveniently overlooking that being an illegal immigrant is a crime).

    This is just waving that fact in everyone's face. Nice.

  3. Oh great. Its bad enough having that whole circus a county over, but this too?!?!?

  4. WTF??? And yeah where is Big Sis???

  5. Keads- You need to stock up, who knows what you're liable to be in the middle of...

  6. Claymore. Bus. Illegals. Some assembly required.

  7. Wow.

  8. I agree. This blatant defiance of the law by special interest groups cannot stand!

    But I'm no fan of Joe Arpaio. He's a grandstanding, show boater willing to use unjustified heavy use of force against minor infractions and one of only two sheriffs in his state to NOT sign the letter against the actions of the ATF over Fast & Furious.