Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Joke on rapper gives me an idea

Recently, some minor-league rap guy from Miami that I've never heard of who calls himself "Pit Bull" had a contest where he said he'd go to whatever Wal-Mart store got the most "likes" as part of an ad campaign.

A jokester in Boston thought that it would be funny to send him to the farthest place possible and started an on-line campaign to get people to write in and vote for Kodiak, Alaska. Well Kodiak, AK, population 13,500, got 700,000 likes, and Mr. Bull had to go.

Miami rapper Pitbull is coming to Alaska

Well to his credit, he went through with it, but it gave me an idea. If Americans could just vote via the internet to send people places, which liberals could we all vote to send to different places, especially if it was one-way trips? I mean, think of the possibilities...

Roseanne Barr to Afghanistan.
The Occupy Wall Street protesters to Switzerland. ("The CLEAN! It BURNS!!")
Barry Obama back to Kenya.

Heck, there's lots of potential here.

So given three choices, who would you vote to send where?


  1. I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

  2. Obama = HELL

    Pelosi = HELL

    Reid = HELL

    Is it OK if I send my three picks to the same place?

  3. Hmmm...I was thinking "bottom of the Marianas Trench", complete with millstone around neck and feet encased in concrete. The list of useless Hollywont actors/actresses and politicians is looooooong. Completion of the list might actually cause a dramatic rise in sea levels.

  4. Can we have Dr. Who drop them someplace?

  5. LOL, +1 on drjim! And lets vote em ALL off the island (and send them to the ISS)!

  6. Channeling my inner Capt. James T. Kirk, I say:

    "Round 'em all up then Transporter, Scotty, deep space, widest possible dispersion"

    Just the thought makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Like a tribble....

  7. "Can we have Dr. Who drop them someplace?"

    Preferably some place in DEEP space, or the interior of a star about to go nova!

  8. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Cindy Sheehan Mars

    Barry Sorento Kenya

    Moochelle Kenya