Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fair? You Want Fair?

OK, then. I took the Spud to the County Fair last night.

There were animals.

City boy's never seen farm animals up close before.

But he's made a new friend.

He also swore that he'd never eat bacon or sausage again after petting a pig. We'll see how long THAT lasts.

We walked the midway for a while as I steered him away from all of the rip-off games of "skill". But we did buy raffle tickets. It seems like every political candidate and civic organization was there raffling off a gun or two. So I bought several tickets, half for me and half for him. With typical teenage naivete and hopefulness, he's now convinced that come the drawings on Saturday night, he's going to have his own arsenal.

Then it was time for the entertainment. What's a county fair without a Demolition Derby?
Along with most of the rest of the county, we sat on a hill for a few hours and watched drivers destroy cars and trucks just for the hell of it.

And what's a county fair without monster trucks?

He wants to come back again tonight. A bit more of this and he'll almost certainly attain honorary redneck status. Heck, I swear he was bobbing his head along with the country music blaring out of the speakers. Money says that he goes home with at least one Confederate flag and maybe even a tattoo that his mom can't see.


  1. Nice!! I am always amazed at how many kids are never exposed to their food products on the hoof.

    Our fair was about a month ago. Honestly, the kids are long-since gone and we didn't go. It's just not as much fun when just two old farts go . . . . and don't you dare tell Mrs. B I just said that!! :)

  2. Whenever you get the chance to do so take that young man to a steam engine show and a tractor pull. Take lot's of picture's because it's an awsome experence.

  3. Make sure it's the 'real' confederate flag not the VA battle flag and she'll NEVER know the difference!

  4. I took my young ones to "pick it yourself" farms. Made sure they knew food ends up on the table because a lot of people work their butts off in the hot sun. Then we went home and did the home canning business.

  5. Love your choices of entertainment (minus the Confederate flag). You're truly a wonderful uncle!

  6. Awesome1 And now if he ever says "that's not fair" in an argument - you can reply, "Does it look like its got amusement rides and a demolition derby? Then nope, it's not fair."