Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Loser sues gun range over "Ladies Day" promotion

And by "Loser", I mean fat-assed security guard and cop-wanna-be Derrick Hunter, who just filed a $200,000 lawsuit against Maryland Small Arms because the range let women come in and shoot for free on the day that he showed up and had to pay the standard $15.00.

Derrick Hunter sues Maryland Small Arms Range over 'Ladies' Day" promotion

Oh, and his lawyer? James "Jimmy" Bell filed a suit like this a couple of years ago himself when a nail salon charged him $2.00 more than they charged a woman. Now aside from the fact that he's a sleazy shake-down artist who abuses the court system to try to extort settlement offers from businesses, I have to publicly question the masculinity of ANY male who goes to a nail salon and gets his nails done.

But as for Derrick Hunter, I don't consider him much of a man, either. Any time that a security guard refers to him/herself as a "Special Police Officer" (because that's how the District of Columbia still classifies them) instead of just looking sheepish and saying "yeah, I'm just a security guard..." I summarily dismiss them as a pathetic Mall Ninja. Heck, dude's probably just butt-hurt because none of these women would give him so much as a pity-date.

In any event, I hope that Maryland Small Arms, which is a pretty class place, exercises their right to do business with anyone and bars Paul Blart Derrick Hunter AND his cheap lawyer from the premises for good. I also salute Maryland Small Arms for it's efforts to bring more women into the shooting sports.


  1. sigh, Maryland.

    i wonder if this guy sues bars for having ladies' nights.

  2. Pathetic... Just @Y$%## pathetic...

  3. The gun club needs to file a counter suit and also ask the judge to make the looser pay all court cost!

    'Special Police Officer'? And he is just a guard?

    Now we have 'Special Agent' in the FBI but they are real agents. Matter a fact all their agents are 'Special Agents' (dunno why but they don't have a regular 'agent' classification.

    But still they are well trained agents and not some guard. Oh well....

    Counter-sue them!!!

  4. would be nice if there were a judge (or a whole slew of them!) who took one look at this, laughed until he pissed his robes, then threw both of them in jail for contempt of the justice system. And destruction of the judge's robe. Almost makes one wish for jury duty, so one could laugh with the judge.

  5. Gosh, how stupid of this gun range to charge patrons different prices for the same services based solely on the patrons' sex. I'm surprised the attorney didn't file a class action against these fools who have probably charged scores or hundreds of hard-working men more than the "little women" (in the range's 1950's mindset) for the same thing during this recurring promotion.

    Hidebound marketing schemes like this set the women's equal rights movement back 100 years. Can you imagine the conniption women would have if the range charged women more than men on a "Men's Night?"

    During the range's Ladies' Night promotion, millionaire women such as Nancy Pelosi or Sarah Palin would have been able to shoot for free, while unemployed Iraq or Afghanhistan war combat vets would have been required to pay to shoot. This business deserves to be sued for its stupidity alone, and before they employ a Heterosexuals' Night, allowin only heterosexuals to shoot for free.

  6. Wow, Sue. I guess you're not a supporter of private businesses being free to set their own policies and letting the market decide if they succeed or fail, eh?