Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Place NOT to do business locally: Creamer's Fast Lube

Sorry for the lack of text to go with this last night. The title was still the beginning of a draft rant and somehow got published. I blame Murphy. I'd also cooled off by this morning and likely would not have posted on this, but now I have to explain...

I took my vehicle to Creamer's Fast Lube on Flowing Springs Road in Charles Town, WV for an oil change yesterday. I'd just had the entire front clip of my SUV replaced and repainted following a collision with a deer some months back, and when these jackwagons--to include the manager of the place--had a problem getting the hood to release, before coming to tell me and ask for my help, they used a screwdriver or similar tool to try to PRY it open, leaving some distinct marks on the new paint and into the fiberglass. And they didn't even bother to tell me that they'd done this but just told me it was all done and took my money. The next place I stopped, as I was walking around thew front of the vehicle, I saw the damage. I took it straight to Creamers' parent shop in town and complained to the manager there, and now I'm waiting to see what they plan to do about it after he talks to the owner.

But regardless of whether or not they fix it, is that even an appropriate way to treat someone else's vehicle? Putting prying tools on someone's paint and bodywork just because you're in too big of a hurry to try and troubleshoot a stuck hood latch? I mean, they couldn't even be bothered to try and put one of those rubber mats down on the bodywork first. Nope--Mongo just started honking on it with whatever tool was handy and scraped up my new paint job. Oh well. Slam the hood shut and hope the customer doesn't see it.

So if you're in the Charles Town, WV area and you're looking for a quick oil change, if you like your car or truck, take it somewhere else.


  1. Been there done that. They were at least "ok" when I first moved here. Now, it is even risky getting an inspection there as your brakes might suddenly be worn out.

  2. Mayberry, RFD: It's why we can't have nice things.

  3. At least they didn't strip the threads on the oil plug. Whenever possible, take the vehicle to your regular mechanic or change the oil yourself.

    With those quick-lube places, you get what you pay for. If the advertised oil change is cheap, the establishment pays their employees a pittance. They cannot attract good mechanics with crappy wages.

  4. Mrs. S is right... My daughter's car blew up because they'd only hand tightened the oil plug, she lost it THREE miles from the Jiffy Lube and all the oil ended up in the street. When she went back, with the cop, she was told it was HER fault!!!