Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rachel Corrie's parents smacked down again

America's favorite terrorist enbler-turned-pancake is back in the news today as her parents lost yet another lawsuit that they've filed against the Israeli government.

Israel court rules it was not at fault in 2003 death of U.S. activist killed by army bulldozer

Heck, they've sued anybody and everybody, including Caterpillar, the US manufacturer of the bulldozer that their idiot kid threw herself under nearly ten years ago while trying to dissuade it's operator from knocking down a house used by terrorists in Gaza back in 2003.

Fore those not familiar, Rachel was a spoiled liberal kid from Washington State who, along with her parents and liberal college, thought that it would be great to go to Israel for a year and mess with their attempts to stop Palestinian terrorists from firing guns and rockets at Israeli citizens. (Mom and Dad gave her the money to go and the school was giving her some sort of "study credit") So she invited herself into the war zone along with a couple dozen other "useful idiots" and began trying to annoy the Israeli Army when not joining her new friends in denunciations of President Bush or burning American flags in rallies.

It all came to an end one day when she donned a bright-colored jacket, grabbed a megaphone, and began running in front of a military bulldozer, trying to keep it from demolishing some houses that the terrorists had been using to snipe at Israelis from.

Despite being chased away and even tear-gassed several times, she kept it up until finally she managed to get in under the armored bulldozer operator's field of view and she got skooshed.

Ever since then, her parents have been blaming everyone but her (and themselves) and filing lawsuit after lawsuit, all of which have been dismissed. Today marks yet another vindication for common sense and the rule of law as the Israeli court in Haifa turned them away and rejected their demand for one dollar...and hundreds of thousands of dollars in attorney's fees and travel costs associated with their judicial jihad.

Tough break, Corries. But next time, try to raise a smarter kid (one that understands concepts like "Mass+Velocity = world of pain if it hits you"), or work a little harder on steering it away from foreign countries where it has no place being in the first place. Was Rachel just too much of a special snowflake to volunteer at a local hospital, school or shelter? I mean, it's not that I don't like to write about her from time to time, but damn, what do you expect is going to happen when you send a naive girl into a combat zone with just a red jacket and a megaphone?


  1. The fact she did a really stupid thing is one issue, the second is the family trying to profit from it. Sheesh! Glad this worked out.

  2. This calls for a pancake breakfast at the Blogshoot....

  3. Anonymous5:58 PM

    Thank God. You're gonna love this, but that fruitcake is regarded as a fraking hero at my alma mater. School even put on a freakin' play celebrating her life and "sacrifice." Yeah, I know. Yet another reason I won't be going to Homecoming this year.

    Forget politics, the girl was an idiot, pure and simple. You play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. She tried to play the game, she got a prize. End of story.


  4. One of the first things any good parent teaches a child.....don't run out into the street, you might get hit by a car. Apparently she never learned this simple rule and it caught up to her in a big way. Where was common sense? Did she ever think to herself, "Is this REALLY a good idea?"

  5. +1 on Keads!!! :-)

  6. With such head-in-the-toochas liberals for parents, Rachel never really had a chance!

  7. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Gracie she was a spoiled liberal brat raise by lib parents.She was unable to think for herself.

  8. ATTENTION PARENTS: The world is a dangerous place. Discuss the Darwin Awards with your children before they turn 16. Teach them how to avoid becoming candidates.

    My heart goes out to the parents, but it's time to face the reality that there was a lapse in the logic chain (or several) which proved fatal. Unfortunately, it's part of the human condition. We Americans are sheltered from the world's dangers more than most societies. When we leave our borders, all bets are off.

  9. I believe the correct term is squished but otherwise you are entirely correct. If this young woman couldn’t understand basic laws of physics, like her 100 pound body wasn’t going to win a fight with a 20 ton earth mover, well what more can you say.

  10. When you are raised with no consequences for stupid actions . . .

    I'm not at all surprised, and I'm glad common sense won out in the lawsuit.