Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Proud to be an American at Chik-fil-A.

So I went to lunch at the Left's most-hated chicken place today. Wisely I went early, arriving at 11 instead of noon. And the place was already packed, with nary a parking space available and lines at the registers. It was immediately obvious that America had turned out in response to the Left's attempt to bully this fast-food chain into submission after it's president had dared express his personal view on the gay "marriage" issue.

The crowd in the restaurant was an excellent cross-section of Americana. There were senior citizens and young mothers with children. There was a whole table of workers from Frontier Cable there, and three more tables of uniformed officers from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the US Border Patrol, both of which have a training center near here. Another table was Coast Guard officers in uniform. There were construction workers and Harley riders there, too. And of course yours truly. The crowd was young and old, black, white and Hispanic, blue collar, white collar and no collar. And as store staff moved through the crowd delivering food and clearing trays away, people could be heard thanking them for standing tall on this issue and proudly proclaiming that this was why they were here today. And I was proud to be among there people who had come out individually to tell the liberal thought police and the gay-lobby Taliban to stuff a sock in it.

America has always been a place where freedom of speech and diversity of belief were sacred and deserving of protection. However we're now seeing an environment where that only applies to certain beliefs (read: liberal ones) and if you dare stand apart from the left with your own opinions, you run the risk of being vilified, slandered, and economically harmed. These days, if you do not agree with the Left, you're automatically labeled a "bigot" and attacked without quarter. If you have a public face, a professional reputation or a business, they will try to destroy you simply because you had the temerity to not agree with them. And now we have actual government officials, supposed "public servants" each and every one, threatening to shut down businesses and deny business permits to companies whose officials try to express their First Amendment Rights by saying something that those government officials or their supporters do not like. Well that's about as un-American as it gets, and the mayors and councils of Boston, Chicago, and Washington, DC (of all places) should be ashamed for their threats and actions taken to try to punish Chik-fil-A for their President's opinions.

I felt strongly enough about it to come out to support this American business today, and I definitely wasn't alone. By the time I left, the line stretched out the door and down the sidewalk and people were parking a block away and walking towards the place, almost all of them undoubtedly motivated as I was by a desire to stand up for Freedom and against the Left, the gay special interest groups in particular, and their mainstream media lapdogs. It was great to see all of these people taking time out of their day to come be a part of this effort and I'm proud to be in their company.

And lest you think that it was just my local Chik-fil-A in Charles Town, WV, I just drove past the branch in Martinsburg and the parking lot was so full that cars were lined up trying to get into it from both directions on the main road. Clearly America is speaking with one voice today. If the Left is smart, they'll listen.

But then if the Left was smart, they'd be on the Right.

Edited to add: When I drove past the Martinsburg store again 45 minutes later, it was empty and the police had the parking area completely blocked off. Apparently some "tolerant progressive" called in a bomb threat to the store.


  1. Hopefully everyone will remember show up in the same spirit on election day.

  2. I tried to eat at Chick Fil A today. It was unpossible. Drove to a second one. It was worse. There were cars parked in the field behind the restaurant. The lines were out the door.

    I even like the food...

  3. Good report. How's your hand doing BTW? Are you able to return to work or what?

  4. @ Sport Pilot: Not until the stitches come out and the doctor sees it.

    @ Matt: Amen!

  5. I don't really care WHAT a places politics are (other than "gun free zone signs", those get boycotted as much as possible). I'll patronize or not as I feel like and the .GOV folks can stuff it.

  6. Ours was packed. But everyone was nice and it was a great experience. The police came and demanded that the manager do something about the line for the drive thru because it was clogging up traffic. (????) When I left, the cops had put cones on the parking lot. Thankfully, Home Depot is behind them and there was tons of parking.

  7. I drove by the one closest to me on my lunch time, and it was the same.
    Even out here on the Left Coast there's good, decent people to be found!

  8. What was funny was I went early because of work and just as I left it was like everybody had decided "Time for breakfast!" and started rolling in.

    And the closure due to bomb threat just means we need to make up for their lost income by going more often.

  9. Seems to be the story all around.

  10. Couldn't get into three different ones, too packed! I'll go at lunch tomorrow, since I can walk and not try to park!

  11. Owners brought a breakfast tray in this morning at my part time job.

    On a personal level, I don't like their food. Will still patronize them from time to time just on principal.

  12. Good on you Sir! Crap at work prevented me from going.

  13. And I was there today fellow Americans!

    I didn’t know about the rally but my wife, being a bit sick with a cold, I went and got some sandwiches from CFA.

    Dang there were more people than you can shake a stick at in there! Stuffed with people. Traffic jam outside.

    Anyway… keep in mind people who are willing to wait 30 min for their meal will wait as long as needed TO VOTE.

    The Tea Party is not dead. In fact Chicago as waken a sleeping giant and November is just a few months away.

    Remember when Sarah Palin said, “2012 can’t come to soon?”

    Well it’s HERE! NOBAMA in 2012.

  14. I read about his statement yesterday, but missed the whole "hey, lets punish a guy for disagreeing with us" boycott, so I didn't get out to lunch today (it was busy, so I didn't have much time for lunch as it was)...but I did get over and picked up dinner the other day from them. I'll have to make a point to swing by and grab a make-up sammich from em sometime soon.