Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Flashback: First Halloweeen at the Lair

The year was 2006, I was new to the neighborhood, and Lagniappe was the star of the show.

Bad, bad dog on All Hallow's Eve

I sure do miss that dog.


  1. What a dog. I know how badly you miss him. I wonder how Murphy will react? Angus is going to go absolutely ape. The plan is for Lu and MIL to pass out the candy while I sit on the dog.

  2. Snerk... Good story!

  3. @ Six: It would not go well with Murphy. He's still a biter, especially towards people in uniforms/costumes and small people in general. Good luck with Angus!

  4. We all miss him but Murphy has been a joy to share through your stories.