Friday, November 09, 2012

5.56mm ammo for sale and other Friday thoughts

For those looking, Natchez Shooter's Supply still has a stock of 5.56mm/.223 ammunition for sale (other calibers as well) and I'd urge every non-Democrat to get some and an AR if you don't already have one.

As for me, I'm going to put some of my cash into upgrading my reloading capabilities with a new progressive press and power case trimmer.

I probably will build up a National Match M-14 type rifle, though. Since it's now more likely than it was last week that we may need fighting rifles in the foreseeable future, I might as well make sure that I've got the one that I've always wanted. An NM M-14 with an ACOG or comparable optics is just cool.

Ah well. One more day of work, and then the week-end is here.

Meanwhile, in New York and New Jersey, FEMA has closed up shop due to bad weather and looting is reportedly reaching epidemic levels as local Obama supporters aren't content to wait until The Zero redistributes all of our wealth to them. And I think we all know that if a Republican were in the White House today, such things would be:
1. Front page news.
2. His fault entirely.

Supposedly it's Katrina-like in New York and New Jersey right now, yet from most media reports, you'd think that they were just having a snow day. Can't take away from coverage of The Zero's victory or imply that he's not doing enough now, can we?

Former President George W. Bush was unavailable for comment.


  1. Yeah, and IF there is coverage, they'll blame Bush... sigh...

  2. Good plan!!!!

    Just received my ammo shipment yesterday:)

  3. Former President George W. Bush was laughing too hard to make comment.

    There, I fixed it for ya. They'll still blame Bush, though.

  4. I highly suggest the M14 but be weary of the NM modifications for a fighting rifle. Fragile is not a word you want used to describe your battle rifle. Great post, and love your blog. My wife sends it to me regularly.

  5. @ Twisted: No worries. I've got a stock M1A for the real work. But there are times when I'd like a bit more distance capability, so a "tweaked" M1A, as opposed to an actual bedded and coddled match rifle, seems like a nice club to add to my golf bag.

    Glad you like the blog. Thank your wife and keep coming around!

  6. Heh. Good post. I was going to echo Rev. Paul's "Former President George Bush" comment, but I still think, despite his faults (nobody's perfect, but some actually do try to improve), he's got too much class to laugh at the misfortunes of those on the East Coast.

  7. If you do that build I hope you'll share. I have an M1A I want to go scout/sniper on and I'm having some trouble getting started. I'm tempted to throw the thing at Crusader and tell them to just do it but it's so much more satisfying (not to mention cheaper) to do it myself.