Thursday, November 08, 2012

Well I guess that it's on, now

With our country now condemned to four more years of the ruinous economic policies that we've seen over the last four years, (And we saw how the market reacted to that yesterday with a 300+ point drop in the Dow--the smart people who understand things don't have any confidence in the Kenyan Poser or his child-like followers.) and with increasing threats to our Constitution and civil liberties from this administration and it's thug toadies who are now unrestrained by another election and openly talking about "getting even" with those of us who refused to get on board with them, it's time to circle the wagons and prepare for the coming storm.

Arms and ammunition I have. Enough to shoot at my present rate for decades, maintaining my proficiency and my ability to fight for probably longer than I'll be physically able to pose a threat to the bad guys. My house is set up pretty well right now, but I'm stepping up my search for property farther west, towards the remaining Free states, looking for a place that's self-sufficient and defendable. When Obama and his minions kick us into a Greece-like state and the wheels fall off, there will be room there for my family and friends, but not for anyone who helped Obama retain power, either by voting for him or refusing to vote against him when he could still have been stopped. And Ron Paul / Gary Johnson vote-wasters, that means you, too. I'm stepping up my fitness program, taking refresher courses in emergency medicine and weapons use, and getting set for the bad times that are surely and unstoppably coming.

As for payback to the ones who made this possible, I've recently purchased my last Washington Post, ever. Admittedly I like sitting down with a newspaper for breakfast or lunch, but it won't be that one ever again. You want to work openly to throw the election to Obama, you do it without my money. Same goes for Hollywood. If you are an Obama backer, don't expect me to pay to see any movie that you made, and same goes for any producer or director that employs openly pro-Obama/anti-America stars. And yeah, that even means Pro-Obama actors like Nathan Fillion. Screw you, Fillion. They have these things called "books" anyway, so I don't need today's Hollywood. If I decide that I do need a movie, there's always John Wayne and Clint Eastwood videos to rent.

And unions? Anything that I can ever do to undermine any union, consider it done. If a union goes on strike against a business, expect me to patronize that business exclusively. If right-to-work legislation comes up on any state's legislative agenda, I'll send money to support it. This fight is going to take place on all levels, with no quarter asked or given. Obama's henchmen want to threaten us with scorched-earth retaliation? Fine. That's going to go both ways, starting today. They've taken our country and divided it between Us and Them, with the intent or crushing Us and punishing Us for not toeing their line, but I for one will not go quietly into that dark night. If they really want to fight a fight over our nation's principles, it's the least that I can do to rise to the occasion as our founding fathers and many other patriots have done over the past two centuries. Quite simply, if they want a war, they'll get it. Let it start here.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have fields of fire to clear and ranging stakes to set.


  1. I gave up on the Post years ago...

    One thing we have to work on is the smaller types of resistance. For instance, I understand we will now have to fill out another form detailing our health insurance when we do our taxes. I'm disinclined to. But we need to marshal legal forces to block and deflect and make things a nuisance.

  2. Still too depressed to think or write anything coherent. (ED)

  3. Amen brother. Lu and are on the same path. Let me know if you need someone out this way to look over a property for you.

  4. Nobody in my immediate family voted for the 0bummer (that's the number "0", not the letter "O"). We likewise did not vote independent or libertarian, although the temptation was there...knowledge that it would be nothing more than votes taken away from the major party directly opposite 0bummer swung me back to the GOP this last time. I'm not too fond of their politics, either, but, temporarily at least, "the enemy of my enemy" and all that. So, you're not alone in your fight. We may not be able to do much here, but every little bit counts.

  5. Switch to The Wall Street Journal, the only national newspaper with a conservative editorial page. If you can find some grade school kid doing the magazine drive, you can get six months for $60.

  6. Washington Times... just sayin...

  7. @ Old NFO: I buy the Wash. Times when I can, but it's not that easy to find out here. Few vendors carry it and it goes fast from the ones who do.

    @ Gordon: Currently there's no home delivery for WSJ where I'm at and single-copy vendors of it are even scarcer than the Wash. Times. Fortunately I have an iPad that I can use to read plenty of other news outlets for free--Fox, Drudge, Wash. Times, London Daily Mail, etc. I'm just going to miss sitting down with actual newsprint in my hands. Maybe someday, when we get America back, someone will print and distribute another one worth reading.