Wednesday, November 07, 2012


I can understand the busloads of welfare-getters voting for four more years of this crap; it's like a dream come true to them. I can understand all of the blacks voting for him based on skin color, and the latinos voting for him because he promised to make their friends and relatives legal. Obama literally gave away US citizenship and the American Dream to millions of people here illegally to buy votes so I'm not surprised that that worked.
I'm not surprised at the legions of greedy, self-serving union members who put their own paychecks ahead of America, either. They bought and paid for Obama last time around and he's bent over backwards to give them the store, too. By the time the bill for all of that comes due, he'll be gone from office and many of them will be retired on lavish pensions that the rest of us won't be able to pay for without cuts elsewhere.

And the media organizations that conspired to destroy any of Obama's challengers and ignore any of his wrongs, all in an attempt to bring this day to pass? I hold them accountable, because they set out to use their so-called "impartiality" to sway the elections, and it worked for them; lots of stupid people voted for Obama or failed to support Romney because of the things that they said or refused to say.

The college kids I can understand, too. They're young and don't know any better, and they worship all of those Hollywood millionaires that tell them how "cool" Obama is. And the liberals? Well liberals have always been stupid and reflexively vote against what America was intended to be. I can understand all of that.

But what I cannot understand is the millions of people who aren't any of the above and who don't agree with Obama and the things that he's done who did not get up off of their couches and vote to stop it. Those are the ones that I'm pissed at right now.

Mitt Romney is not to blame here. Granted, he was not ideal, nor was he my choice quite frankly. But he was the only alternative to Barack Obama and his regime; he was the only way to stop him. But millions of small business owners, wager-earners, gun owners and America-lovers just sat home and didn't bother voting yesterday.

No, scratch that. No one who loved America would have skipped the vote, no more than they would have voted for Obama. Therefore I have to conclude that the America that I grew up believing in--the America that put the individual first and gave everyone a chance by protecting their freedom and liberty to achieve--that America is gone. In it's place, we have a perpetual Star Wars cantina scene where the freaks and the haters control, and each is rewarded not because they are good or deserving, but because they gave something to the regime, or have promised to.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some guns to clean. I have a feeling that they may wind up being relocated or called upon in the not too distant future.


  1. Location,location, location. Too many Romney supporters are rural voters, living in empty states with few electoral votes. If you look at an electoral map, the red areas tend to be larger than the blue areas - - but the blue areas are crammed full of the black/hispanic/hippie population that beat us. And that coalition is growing faster than ours is, given unrestricted breeding.

  2. Want to know why?

    Here's one reason: The ultimate consequences of bad decisions have to be in many peoples faces before they admit to themselves that there's really a problem. You and I can see the ruinous path that America is on, and we see the need to change course. Millions of others, though, won't admit it to themselves until its far to late.

    I know someone who is my age and more or less shares my opinions politically. He lives less than 100 yards from a voting location that was open for early voting for 12 hours a day for two weeks before the election. He didn't vote.

  3. It's a really sad day!

  4. Who is John Galt?

  5. Feel-good trumps history, reason, reality.

    And a loss of core values that makes it OK to take from others, whether it's what they've worked for or freedoms.

  6. The difference? Pissed off women who saw the GOP as the party out to control their bodies, and their choices.

  7. Romney lost because millions of conservatives didn’t bother to go to the polls. Because Romney isn’t a conservative. His own statements and voting record make him a big government liberal and people just were not going to come out for that. The Tea Party got shoved aside and the best chances to find a conservative candidate were thrown away. We got Romney because somehow it was his turn. That's a lesson the GOP should have learned with McCain last time.

    So now we get a 20 trillion dollar debt, a nationalized and ruined health care system, a country unwilling to fight in defense of it’s own ambassadors, and so on.

  8. It's clear now that - barring something unforeseen - the America in which we grew up is gone.

    Keep your powder dry.

  9. I'm absolutely miserable.

  10. On reflection (I was still sleepy this morning), the answer is that there are too many people in the country who are either lazy or ideologues for whom facts and morality are irrelevant.

  11. Anonymous2:47 PM

    The lazy SOB's have screwed the rest of us.America we grew up in maybe gone forever.

  12. I am so happy we were not sent back to the 1950s and that is primarily why I voted for Obama. That and equal rights to marry inherit and the protection of all families.

  13. Come on, Katherine...Romney wasn't going to send us "back to the 1950s" (as if that was a bad thing...the 1950s economy was fantastic for America). Romney was only a little better than Obama on most issues and most people likely would not have noticed the difference other than having more money courtesy of Romney wiping out the Obama tax increase we'll get in January and repealing Obamacare.

    But Obama is definitely sending America somewhere: Greece, economically speaking. That's why the market crashed today: The smart people don't approve of the way that Barry the man-child runs the country.

  14. Here, before our very eyes, is the problem - Embodied in a commenter named Katherine. You have a large part of the electorate that lives in an imaginary world with imaginary "facts" that don't exist and never did. It's a world of straw men and rainbows where everyone is happy and the government gives you everything you need, and you can have sex with whoever you want without consequence. Unless you're a Christian of course.

    Such are the mindless masses. Karl Marx had it wrong - religion isn't the opiate of the masses, liberalism is. It has been turning off brains for the last 100 years.

  15. The late John Dean Cooper (a/k/a Col. Jeff) lived possibly one of the most robust, well-examined, fascinating lives of the 20th century.

    Fittingly, Col. Cooper recognized the decline of our society from its zenith in the last century, and borrowing a phrase from L. P. Hartley, "The past is another country. They do things differently there.", for one of his books.

    My friends, we are indeed living in Another Country. I pray to God we can someday return to the one where we grew up.