Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Ex-Pennsylvania Trooper claims he was fired for using "ebonics".

You can't make this sort of stuff up.

Ex-Pennsylvania state trooper claims he was fired over Ebonics

Let's see...

During his probationary period, he wrote reports poorly, sometimes using "ebonics".
(Ebonics, for those not familiar, is the sort of lazy grammar/slang that uneducated people, mostly black, use when they want to set themselves apart from everyone else. Many take pride in sounding like fools and it's not uncommon for better-educated black youths to be bullied for not talking like this in some urban areas.)
He also demonstrated a "lack of solid job knowledge and basic police skills" and other "officer/public safety concerns".

Reading between the lines, he was a train wreck who was unable to do the job to such a degree that the state chose to cut it's losses and fire him instead of trying to continue remediating him. And it appears that they worked with him for 18 months, right up until the end of his probation, at which point they'd have had to keep him forever if they didn't terminate him.

As expected, he's suing, claiming, among other things, that being fired for not being up to the job was embarrassing. Not only does he want his job back with back pay, but damages as well. And of course he's saying that he was fired because he's black.

My answer would be that he was probably hired because he was black, but fired because he was incompetent.


  1. It's sad that I need to resort to an "ebonics translator" to respond here (

    My blog response continues in ebonics:

    Ah don' dig' why you be so down on dis here nigga po-po brace yo'self foo'!

    Writing in ebonix iz every bit as effective as writing in cracker ass english an' bof da courts an' da da system should take notice o' it all ye damn hood ratz.

    Da damn muthafucking whitey nigga iz always trying ta keep da black nigga down an' it's insulting. In fact, ah should beat yo' ass fo' making dat suggestion with muh beeotch

    What's not to love about the melodic black version of the Queen's English?

  2. I'm sure that if Barbara Billingsley were still alive, she could have rehabilitated him or at least set him straight.

  3. You know as well as I do how dangerous people like this guy are on the street and how much damage they can do to a good department. This is one of the things that really sets me off. There is no shame in not having the aptitude to do the job and equally no shame in sacking those who don't. It's negligence to retain incompetents. I hope he gets his ass kicked in court.

  4. @ Six: Yep. Pet peeve of mine from way back. Seen how it works first-hand.

    @ The Donald: Because she speaks jive? Lol!

  5. Concur with all, and +1 on ALL the comments!

  6. Even the POTUS breaks into the black accent when he thinks he'll get some mileage out of it. Most of the time he's Steve Urkle, but put him in front of some African American conference and he become George Jefferson.

    Of course, to acknowledge that he does this - or that there's even such as thing as "sounding black" - means I'm horribly racist. Even though its blatantly obvious to anyone listening.

    Its the emperor's new clothes - only with a Pimp Hat.

  7. Liberal mantra. If you can't hack the job, hack the system.