Friday, December 21, 2012

It just keeps getting worse for America.

Just when I thought that Obama could not show any more disdain and disrespect for patriotic Americans, especially veterans and current members of our military, he nominates Lurch for Secretary of State.

Yep. The man who sold out our troops and our country years ago, who then came home and made his fortune by marrying the rich widows of men who actually earned their money, and who was rejected by America when he ran for President due basically to his integrity issues and character flaws is now supposed to be America's spokesman to the world.

Give me an effing break.

And call me cynical for being one of the first to say that this is more about positioning Lurch for another run at the White House in 2016 than it is for doing anything positive for America, but I suspect that you'll have to call me correct as well.

Any senator who votes to confirm Lurch and who thereby votes to expunge his treasonous past needs to be impeached and then tarred and feathered publicly.

Axis of Evil, 2012 edition.

Thanks, Obama voters and those of you on the right who sat the election out. The rest of us are now getting the government that you deserve.


  1. Disagree totally.

    1. SecState (in this Administration) is basically a Time Out Chair. It's hard enough for a motivated, pro-American SecState to influence the Department, absolutely zero chance anyone Obama would nominate would result in a gnat-fart's difference from how the striped pants brigade of Foggy Bottom run things anyway.

    2. This gets Lurch out of the US Senate. . . and between his 2004 run, Hillary in 2016, the way the Senate works, it means he is almost certainly never going to see federal elective office again. YAY! (He might get Governor of Massachusetts. And? This would change things in MA, how?)

    Hell, I'd tell my senators to vote TO confirm him tomorrow, if I thought they'd vote. Can we get Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, and/or Barbara Boxer, nominated for Cabinet posts, too? I'll urge my senators to vote for their confirmation, sans hearing, for any cabinet post except Attorney General. Just to get them out of office.

  2. To my friends who say "HOW did this happen?", I only have to say that while we were out working and earning a living, we didn't pay close enough attention to the growing welfare and ILLEGAL immigration problems.
    And since a large portion of these "citizens", who exist on OUR dime get to vote, they continued to vote for the people who give them "free" stuff.
    Now they've multiplied to the point where we have little chance of out voting them.
    Very sad day, indeed.

  3. This worries me. Greatly. That man should be sitting in a very deep, dark hole somewhere below the sub-basement of Federal Pound-Me-In-The-Sphincter Prison.

  4. Not defending the man at all. Regarding his service on the Swift boats, those who slander him slander the members of his crew. I once worked with a man who was a snipe on another boat in that group. He says Kerry walked the walk.

    That said, +1 Geodkyt.

  5. @ WSF: Kerry's own crew, with the exception of one former member who is still a paid Kerry campaign staffer today, all said that he was full of it, as did his CO and the medical officer who refused to put Kerry's demands for Purple Hearts through (because the "injuries" were extremely minor and/or self-inflicted due to negligence.)

  6. He's a sleazebag... he WILL give away the country...

  7. Anonymous5:00 AM

    I am not letting you off the hook. That survivalist claptrap is unacceptable. You would have dated that kid's mother in a heartbeat and you know it. I blew a gasket; but I stand by my sentiment. That 'Obama is the AntiChrist' bullshit caused that woman to load herself with an arsenal and plan a move to 'Out West', JUST LIKE YOU, that led to a massacre of small children. I gave up on that shit after the Balkans, when I realized that the Apocalypse was unlikely to be 'cool' or 'heroic'. Stop selling your fantasies as reality; they are destructive beyond your knowing. Stop it. Look at reality as it is, and deal with it like a man. And, Audie Murphy is my hero too, but for his heroic defense of fucked-up vets coming back from Vietnam, not for some excuse to abuse checkout clerks. Take a look at yourself: I did.

  8. Sorry Lenard, but if people like you didn't vote to elect unqualified simps like Obama simply because he promised to give you free stuff (and pass the bill on to other Americans), those kids would probably all still be alive too, per your own twisted sort of "logic". Real Americans would have no reason to worry about the future of our country if people like you didn't vote unwisely and elect the sort of monsters that made it clear that they wanted to declare war on the rest of us.

    Reality is, (since you want to look at it) our country is in trouble, our way of life and our futures are in danger, and it's all because you Obama voters insisted on giving power to an unqualified, hateful little man. Did you learn nothing from Germany's mistakes in the 1930s?