Friday, December 21, 2012

More Detroit Pics.

How much is that doggie outside the window?
Here's Murphy, stressing just a bit because I went into a store without him last week in Detroit.

And here he is outside with my mom, just before she decided to make my visit more interesting by falling down and breaking her wrist and her tooth.

The scene of the crime. Old Main, centerpiece of Wayne State University, one of the few decent areas left in Detroit.
I'd just taken this picture when I heard something go "splat!" and saw my mom on the ground and Murphy standing there with a look on his face that said "I didn't do that!"

Detroit's main public library, built back when the city had money and prestige.
The interior is stunningly opulent and beautiful, like most public buildings were back in the day.

But now Detroit is this

Detroit Police Department's SWAT unit and other units used to operate out of this building.

Going back to nature. Once-stately homes are now gutted wrecks that are slowly being demolished to create whole blocks with nothing left standing but weeds and trees.

Failed public housing on display. The Brewster-Douglass Projects, once one of America's largest (and most crime-ridden) housing projects and home to generations of Democrat voters.

Proof that the city government still makes stupid choices: Money spent to name a street after another crook who robbed it blind.

But there's still food to be found at iconic establishments like these:

I would have taken pictures of plates filled with coney dogs and fries like Brigid does with her delicacies, but we ate them too fast.

Hey, don't forget me! Two to go, please! Hold the mustard.


  1. Good pics, and a sad moment in history for Detroit...

  2. And there are that say that integration was good for the cities....

    In Detroit, everyone that could, moved away from the "bad" areas, which kept moving into the vacuum, until the whole city became one.

    Sad, that.

  3. That's what Atlantic City was looking like in the mid 70's. I voted for the gambling initiative, thinking it would save it. Turns out, not so much. Most of the money doesn't stay in the state, let alone that city. Ten years later, if you went more than 6-8 blocks away from the casinos, it looked the same.

    Been a long time since I've bothered driving thru, on visits to that state. Last I heard, it was still bad.