Monday, April 01, 2013

Baltimore man shot for taking Joe Biden's advice.

I said, 'Jill, if there's ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here ... walk out and put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house.’ …
Joe Biden, February, 2013.

Taking bad advice from stupid people often has consequences:

Navy Veteran Shot & Wounded By Police While Testing Shotgun In Backyard
BALTIMORE (WJZ)—A 24-year-old Navy veteran is in intensive care after being shot by city police Thursday night. His family tells WJZ that he was testing out a shotgun after being the victim of a home invasion.

Police say officers responded to reports of shots fired Thursday night outside a home in the 8700-block of Danville Avenue.

“The went to the rear of the location to investigate. They encountered an individual that was armed with a shotgun. During the course of that encounter, one of our officers discharged, striking the suspect,” said Sgt. Eric Kowalczyk, police spokesman.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I wonder how long it'll take Joe Biden to show up and offer to pay this guy's medical bills.


  1. I'm betting they shot first, THEN said drop it...

  2. I think, in a way, Joe Biden's entire existence can be attributed to a negligent discharge.

  3. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Slow Joe strikes again