Tuesday, May 21, 2013

What do Coloradans do now that their gun laws have passed?

Since the Colorado Democrats passed a draconian and totally unnecessary ban on many types of firearms and high-capacity magazines, causing many shooting-related companies to move out of that state, taking their jobs and tax dollar with them, you might be wondering what Coloradans do in their free time now.

Well if you are Taylor Powers, a 21 year old "communications major" at University of Colorado in Boulder, you just get stoned on mushrooms, hike in the woods, strip naked and fight with 35 rescuers.

I have to admit, that would probably never occurred to me. I'd have probably just gone out quietly to shoot my stockpiled guns and ammo in some remote location and not made a big deal of it. Of course Taylor and her pals don't really sound like gun folks, what with all of the poor judgement and illegal behavior and such. Still, I guess that's what Colorado wants instead of us shooters.

I have to note though that thirty-five rescuers showed up? I suspect that if I was lost in the woods and called for help, even clothed I'd probably be lucky to have Ranger Smith and his dog show up in a day or so. but put out a call for "Naked girl on the trail" and "Shaazam!" Everyone shows up including the garbage man.

And I know--you're like me and you want pics, so here:

Yeah, I might have had to tag aong and lend a hand as well.

But now the big question for Taylor has to be a simple one: How is Taylor going to get any potential employer to take her seriously when she graduates from the expensive school that daddy paid big bucks to send her to? Absent a slot on a reality show, I'm seeing a lot of paper hats and french fries in her future.


  1. Unlikely that she'll suffer any real consequences. Mommy and Daddy will pay a lawyer big buck$ to get her charges dismissed, or at worst knocked down to misdemeanors. Rich, pretty white girls don't suffer consequences for drug crimes, especially if nekkidness is involved.

  2. No, she will become a university professor, by and by.

  3. You're just peeved because the pics of her weren't taken during her little naked and fighting episode.

  4. If those women were trying to rescue me from myself, I'd likely end up relenting.

  5. She could move to SFO and live in Haight-Ash... oh wait...

  6. Anonymous10:40 PM

    +1 for Well Seasoned Fool

  7. You know, I've been on more than my fair share of naked chick calls (and waaaay too many naked dude calls) and not one of them ever looked like that. For some reason I seemed to get the Roseanne Barr lookalikes.

    That's not H8en is it?

  8. Murph, if you were lost naked in the woods, I'd be really concerned.

    I'm not saying I would go out there and hunt your nekkid ass down or anything.

    but I would be very concerned.

    Hope that counts for something.

  9. Are you suggesting that she would not have eaten the 'shrooms and got nekked in the forest if Colorado hadn't passed magazine restrictions?

  10. @ASM: Nah, society's weakest links are gonna keep being stupid no matter what the rest of us do. I just find it snarkworthy to note that Colorado has gone over backwards to exclude us decent folks while catering to drug users and assorted losers like this kid, who apparently wasn't even satisfied with legal pot.

  11. Oh lord, please do not base the mindset of all Colorado peeps on this tool. Us gun people are fed up with these stupid laws. Possibly looking to relocate unfortunately....damn and I love these mountains.