Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Class and The Ass

Class is defined here as Taya Kyle, widow of murdered former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, refusing to let the anti-gun zealots use her husband's death to further the anti-gun agenda.

Widow of slain 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle still supporting right to bear arms

The widow of America’s deadliest sniper, Chris Kyle, hasn’t changed her opinion of guns one bit — even after one was used to kill her husband.

“A gun didn’t kill my husband, a man killed my husband,” Taya Kyle, 38, told The Post.

Chris Kyle — credited with 160 confirmed kills during his 10-year career with Navy SEAL Team 3 — was shot in February at a Glen Rose, Texas, gun range after ex-Marine Eddie Ray Routh allegedly blasted him and another man at close range, killing both.

The mother of two has steadfastly defended the rights of gun owners. She recently rallied gun enthusiasts at an NRA convention in Houston to continue to defend the Second Amendment, said she owns a Smith & Wesson pistol and even aims to take up hunting soon.

“Unfortunately, it’s a hot issue and people like to make it into a bigger picture that’s not an accurate picture,” she explained. “The majority of ways guns are used every day are very positive...For somebody like me, who can feel vulnerable, it is nice to have an added element of protection because there are people who are motivated to do evil,” she said. “That’s not going to change. If you’re going to do evil, you are going to do it — and . . . I’d like to be able to protect myself.”

That takes some brass to come out like that so soon after her husband's death. But the lady's got class.

On the "ass" side of the equation, ex-wrestler, ex-politician and current attention-seeker Jesse Ventura, a guy who was washed up and irrelevant long ago, is now suing Taya Kyle over a section of her late husband's book American Sniper in which it is alleged that "a celebrity" ran his mouth making anti-military remarks during a wake for a fallen SEAL and got knocked down by Kyle. That celebrity was not named in the book, but Ventura is claiming that it was him and that he was never knocked down by Kyle or anyone else.

When the book came out, Ventura jumped forward to claim that he was "the celebrity" and field a lawsuit against Chris Kyle, a lawsuit that obviously lost it's defendant upon Kyle's death. But Ventura, ever hungry for attention and maybe a buck or two, turned around and re-filed his suit against Taya, claiming that she's getting money from the book (and a possible movie) and that he, Ventura the publicity whore, deserves a chunk of it.
This guy is more than an ass, especially since other SEALS who were there are set to appear in court and back Kyle's claims.

From the sound of it, Ventura probably was there, and if he said the things that Kyle alleges that he said in the book, he deserved a punch in the mouth. And since Ventura still routinely blames President Bush for 9/11 and thinks that Traitor Bradly Manning of Wikileaks fame is some sort of a hero, I have no problem imagining Ventura saying other anti-American stupid stuff, even at a memorial for a fallen SEAL.

Screw Jesse Ventura, and screw his planned third-party presidential run in 2016. The way he's going, I don't think he could have any less credibility if he ran with Snooki as his running mate.


  1. Jesse is channeling Paris Hilton. Who woulda thunk it?

  2. Ventura was vaguely entertaining what...20 years ago? Now, not even a little.

  3. Yes, but if he ran in 2016 with Snooky, they would be a more qualified ticket than the ticket that won in 2008 and 2012. But then again, so would one with my dogs as the principles.

  4. Sad. Those types of incidents should be kept in the "family".

  5. +1 on Scott... sigh

  6. Yes.

    Jesse WAS there, and Chris Kyle knocked him right the fuck out.

    Jesse can take whoever he wants to to court. Doesn't change the fact he's a giant douchebag.

  7. Jesse gets worse and worse every year. Last year, when Car Guy and i went on out ride through central Nevada, we stopped at the Little Ali Inn. This was just after Ventura did his 'expose' on Area 51 (talk about original). She basically said he was a douchebag more concerned with his appearance than anything else. Really disliked him. Whatever he may have once been he's now nothing more than another raving conspiracy lunatic.

  8. When he was younger, in the 90's I though he was ok. My opinion of him has changed drastically. I basically consider him a "douche"

  9. Anonymous1:01 AM

    Ventura is a two bit publicity whore