Monday, June 03, 2013

Curse you, Carteach0.

Because you just had to write about the sale of police trade-in Smith and Wesson Model 10 revolvers that Bud's Gun Shop was having.

Money's tight here right now, thanks to Obama and the Democrats. My paycheck was hit harder than most thanks to them. I swore off buying new stuff as a result, but $279.00 shipped? seriously? Who could pass up on that?

To be fair, I tried. I held out for a while. But I told all of my local shooting friends about the deal and they started buying the revolvers and raving about them to me. Eventually, I caved (because I'm only human, right?) and I bought one. I went and picked it up today.

Frankly, for $279.00 (shipped!), I was expecting a bit of a beater. Instead I got this:

There's only a little bluing wear at the muzzle from being inserted into a holster countless times, and a small drag line around the cylinder. No flame cutting to the top-strap at all, and it locks up rock-solid tight. It even came with a decent pair of Pachmayr grips, which made me awfully glad that I held off on buying a pair for it until it showed up. This thing is the epitome of "carried much, shot little" as far as I can tell. It even came in a little lockable hardcase.

Naturally I had to rush it right out to the range.

So how did it shoot? Well here were the first six rounds fired, at 15m.

Yeah, I dropped the 5th shot. But that was my fault, not the pistol's. And it's still "in".


It's a keeper. Perfect for a truck (or plane) gun and ideal for teaching newbies to shoot with.

If you haven't bought one yet, go get one. Now. Go. They have both round butt models and square butt. YOu can agonize over which one to get just like I did, or at that price, you can get one of each.


  1. Lol..... yup, they are a good deal.
    Mine shoots at least that good, I are mightily pleased!

  2. Now if they were just Colts... sigh

  3. @ Old NFO: Ewww. Those things turn backwards.

  4. And the cylinder release is backwards, too!

    EVERYONE needs a couple of K-frames lying around.

  5. @ Geodkyt: I know, right? Who'd ever think to make users PULL on a release when pushing it is so much easier and more civilized?

  6. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Sweet deal