Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tanks a Lot, Pt. 2

At the Tank Farm, they had all sorts of new and old armor, to include this old British Valentine.
I'm thinking I could drive that. Here's it's cockpit.

A real sweetheart was this M-42 "Duster" with it's pair of 40mm anti-aircraft guns.
As you can see, it sports quite an impressive rack...of 40mm shells.

This rather forlorn M41 Walker Bulldog tank would do well under my carport, I'm thinking. It might even cheer up.

As armor goes, though, I'd even be happy with a British surplus FV-432 like this one.
There were a few of those present. But they're fairly common on the used-armor market.
Given my choice of Armored Personnel Carriers (APC), I'd rather have an American M-113. But they're rare and expensive. And even my picture of the one that was here didn't turn out.
Going back to wheeled armor, they had this really slick M20 armored scout car, and an M8 (the one with the turret) next to it. Both were made by Ford Motor Co., back when Ford still made stuff right.

Of course there was a Russian T-34/85 as well.

Here it is, driving about with a rear deck full of "Russians".

Keep checking back for more..I'm not done yet. And Old NFO has some of his pics up now, too. Go check 'em out here and here.


  1. Ran into several of those T-34/85's in Africa, along with T-54/55's and T-62's. Almost all I saw were shooting at me. Fortunately, they missed . . . but it wasn't fun.

  2. Nope,Nope, Nope. Anti-Aircraft guns are NOT cool, not no way, not no how.
    They are evil, even when they are, ostensibly, ours. Evil, I say!

  3. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Had a great time, good to see you there, as well as a number of others folks from the blog-o-sphere.
    I was very impressed with the number of knowledgeable, talkative, re-enactors and the quantity and quality of equipment on display, whether tracked, wheeled, or just put on blankets and tables for show.
    And I just shot OldNFO a handful of additional photos.
    Stay safe
    Wandering Neurons

  4. Anonymous8:00 PM

    I just realized something: Based on your photo of the Walker Bulldog, it looks a little "depressed"...
    Wandering Neurons

  5. @ juvat: AA guns are only bad when misused and directed against aircraft. When applied against ground targets, they're fricking AWESOME!

  6. Anonymous6:07 PM

    Great pictures

  7. Ok, glad you clarified that. Anti ground good, anti air bad. Yep I can live with that.