Monday, August 12, 2013

The T-34 Mentor

Found one of these at the airshow, too.

This nifty Beechcraft was offered to the US Armed Forces as a replacement for the T-6 Texan trainers after World War Two. The Air Force and the Navy used them well up into the 1970s, and there are still quite a few kicking around. It's one that I'm looking at as a possible Cessna replacement down the road. It's kind of a two-seat aerobatic Bonanza.


  1. That would be fun to travel around in, wouldn't it?

  2. They are fun birds, but the upkeep is hell... and getting one that hasn't been overstressed would be interesting!

  3. Fun plane to fly. The aero club I instructed at has one. Sort of the CFI toy.

    Be aware of the wing spar AD. compliance can be quite expensive.

  4. I agree with Old NFO.

    A plane that was designed for and used frequently by inept student pilots might look great from a distance,just like a 50 athletic, tanned and faced-lifted 50 year old alcoholic looks to a life insurance agent.

    But it's the innards I'd be concerned about.