Tuesday, October 01, 2013

WW II vets punk Obama and his shutdown by forcing way into "closed" memorial to them.

Barry Obama, our petulant boy president, decided to go for the dramatic this morning by ordering the Park Service to go out and fence off the national monuments in Washington DC even though they are just basically outdoor open space that people can access 24/7 without any need for Park Service staff. He did this deliberately to cause a media event that he and his media lapdogs could blame the GOP for.

Why are there barricades at the World War Two Memorial in Washington DC?

Well a group of Word War Two vets who had come to DC this morning via an Honor Flight meant to commemorate their service to this country ran up against those barricades when they went to their memorial and they did what men of that caliber would be expected to do: They kicked the barricades down and went in anyway.

‘Honor flight’ group forces entry into WWII Memorial in defiance of government shutdown

The American Spirit still lives on.

So what are you gonna do, Barry? Gonna sic Eric Holder on them now?


  1. Seems to me that the National Parks/Monuments are funded by tax dollars. I paid my taxes this year, as those vets did...those monuments, which have no staff to draw a paycheck (versus the payroll required for those ordered out to put the barricades in place), should not have been shut down. Obummer is a petulant arse-wipe who's just throwing a sandbox temper tantrum.

    And someone needs to set up some way to chip in to buy the next round(s) for those vets. If Germany/Italy/Japan didn't stop them in the 40's, this man-child's outburst certainly couldn't!

  2. Kickin ass and takin names, 70 years later!!! Great for them!!!

  3. Good for the Geezers!

    If barricades and pill boxes couldn't stop them at Omaha, Utah, Juno, and Mt. Suribachi, a few flimsy barriers in D.C. are nothing!

    God have mercy on us if our generation should squander the legacy these great Americans, and those who never made it home, have left us.

  4. Love the Tweet I saw earlier that said "Normandy was barred in 1944. They ignored that, too."

  5. Got a guy in comments for you to talk to over here: http://booksbikesboomsticks.blogspot.com/2013/10/meanwhile-on-planet-zongo.html

    Have fun smacking him around. ;)

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