Sunday, November 17, 2013

Skyraider Love

After Old AF Sarge's wonderful blogpost last Friday where he featured the Douglas Skyraider, I felt compelled to dig into my own modest photo archives and do a post on the same aircraft that Aaron of The Shekel and I saw this past summer at Thunder Over Michigan.

At Thunder over Michigan 2013, there were Skyraiders. Big, beautiful bad-guy-smacking Skyraiders. (click on the pics for close-up awesomeness.)

There was this AD-1.
And this AD-4.
There was this AD-5W four-seater, sitting there looking lethal.
And there was this AD-5W, shown here getting a clean-up in between flights. Got to get all of that soot away from the exhausts.

And they flew, too. Here's one leading a flight of three, with an A-4 Skyhawk on one wing and an F-4U Corsair on the other. radial engine harmony accented by jet roar.
Then the Skyhawk and the Corsair went away, and more Skyraiders came up. All four were flying for a while, and it was beautiful.

And yeah, it goes without saying that I need one of these.


  1. Remind me to tell you about the ones we had 'bought' for $1000... sigh...

  2. Oh, I want that story. And if there are any more on the shelf, I've got my checkbook right here.

  3. Very nice! I love that plane!

  4. There were several flying at the Planes of Fame airshow earlier this year.

    I liked the 'nose art' on the first one!

  5. There's a used car lot around here that has a T-33 sitting in it. The downside is you'd have to teach Murphy when it is not appropriate to pull the ejector seat.

  6. Thanks for the linkage Murph. Thank you greatly for the Skyraider pics!