Monday, December 02, 2013

Aaarrgh! A day without internet.

I went out early today to run errands, then went straight to work, expecting to be able to put up a blog post or two from there. But alas, the internet there was out all day ong.




But I'm not addicted--I can quit whenever I want to.

Anyway, I got back to the Lair, and who do you think had made herself at home on my leather sofa?

Murphy knows better, and Lagniappe before him know better. But apparently Miss Belle was raised by wolves and wasn't taught respect for the furniture, because she felt no shame at all in letting me see her up there as I walked in--in fact she was standing on it and reaching up to give my face for a "welcome home" kiss as I walked in the door. And of course the sofa was nice and warm after I yelled at her gave her a correction, indicating that someone warm and furry had been laying on it for a while. So we've got that training issue to deal with now.

"Geez. What a grouch. Who knew that he didn't want me on the big black dog bed?"

But at least the frying pans and the George Foreman grill are where they're supposed to be. So at least there's that.


  1. Testing the limits. She didn't believe Murph when he told her she'd get in trouble...
    Better sharpen your #2 pencil, because the testing has begun.

  2. No , I figure Murphy told her," Go ahead, we'll take turns. You go first."

  3. Oh boy, ANOTHER set of issues... :-)