Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Across America, the sound of laughter is heard

That's fifteen million illegal alien Hispanics and Africans laughing as they read about this woman being deported, knowing full well that Obama and many in Congress have has their back and they don't need to worry about sharing her fate.

Albanian mom with 3 American children to be deported today

Heck, the above-mentioned illegals feel so safe and protected here that they publicly protest, harass our legislators at their homes and deliberately get arrested at our borders, knowing full well that their skin color or particular ethnic background will keep the Obama Administration from ever evicting them like our laws require.

Not that I feel particularly bad for this woman who knowingly came into our country illegally, but whatever happened to the idea of equal treatment for all in America?

Apparently we're operating under the Obama doctrine instead, one that tells illegals that if you're black or brown, you get to stick around, but if you're white, you'll be on the next flight.

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  1. Yep, nail on the head with that one!