Saturday, January 25, 2014

More gun control "success" in Maryland...and a ray of hope from Colorado

In Maryland today, we see just how effective all of their new gun control laws are.

Three people killed in shooting at the Columbia Mall

Good job, Maryland legislature. You made sure that none of the law-abiding citizens there could protect themselves or stop the shooter. Your self-proclaimed "toughest gun laws in the country" really made a difference there, didn't they?

Meanwhile, out on Colorado, where law-abiding gun owners get the blame for everything that criminals do, we have this column in the Denver Post, which is surprising as that paper has been a cheerleader for gun control for as long as I've read it.

Defining "reasonable" and "sensible" in the gun debate

Reid Lusk hits that one out of the park, proving that there's still hope, even in idiot-run states like Colorado...and perhaps even Maryland.


  1. Amazing to the that in the Progressive Daily, aka The Denver Post.

  2. one of the "victims" is believed to be the shooter.

  3. I was grumbling about MD yesterday, since it was my day in the office.

    And when I heard this today all I could think of was "Ain't it wonderful that Maryland is so safe because it outlawed guns."

  4. I'd be more hopeful if the guest column in the Denver Post was the stance of the paper. But it isn't.