Saturday, January 25, 2014

She has a voice!

Belle surprised me this morning.

Other than one bit of barking at a UPS guy, and a couple of runs at Murphy when she first got here, Belle has been the quietest, mildest German Shepherd I've ever had. But this morning, as I was preparing a fine potato and sausage breakfast in the kitchen, Belle jumped up and stood with her paws on the window table, looking out and sounding off with the most ferocious string of barking I've ever heard from her. I moved to the kitchen doorway to see what the matter was, only to be nearly bowled over by Murphy, who, dashing out of the kitchen to back his little woman up, blasted right through me and my crutches like I wasn't even there. (Effin' dog!)

When I finally got to the window, I saw the the cause for alarm was a stray dog walking up our drive. It was a lab of some kind, but Miss Belle had a real problem with it and she was warning the interloper off at the top of her lungs, with Murphy joining in in two-part dog harmony as I let the two of them out of the porch.

The lab got the message and continued on down the road. Murphy soon quit and came back in, returning to the kitchen to watch the food, but Belle stayed out in the snow and kept an eye on him until he was well out of sight. She was seriously serious about keeping that dog off the property.

I was so proud of her. I guess that I've got two watchdogs now.
"This is MY house, beeyotch!"


  1. She was probably thinking , "I already have to share my affection with that boy mutt who lives here and thinks he owns the place, there is no room for another one of you guys."

  2. She looks good now that I can't see her rib bones.

  3. She looks so pretty! I'd worried about our GSD not barking in his youth but I read that they often do not until after a year of age if I recall correctly.

    What a beauty...

  4. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Congratulations Miss Belle

  5. She's looking good and no doubt feeling good. Well done Belle.