Tuesday, March 11, 2014

One of them days...

Today was not my best day ever. I got the bill for my plane's annual inspection and required repairs, and then I got the estimate for repairs needed on my vehicle which is in the shop right now getting it's own annual inspection.
Glad I didn't write a check for that Jeep truck yesterday.

But at least I'm not Roy Ortiz, so that's something positive.

For those of you not familiar with that name yet, Ortiz is the guy in Colorado who drove his truck through water over a road during a flash flood, only to wind up trapped inside his flipped over vehicle, neck deep in water. He was saved, however, by the highly-trained rescue personnel of the North Metro Fire Rescue District, who rushed a dive team to the scene and got him out of the mess that he got himself into. So what does the typical "grateful to be alive" guy do these days in the land of the bottom-feeding tort lawyers? That's right...he sues the people who saved him, because doggone it, he's got a new truck coming and he was scared emotionally traumatized.

Broomfield man rescued from Rock Creek during September floods could sue his rescuers

He claims $40,000 in medical bills and property loss, but rather than try to work something out with the medical providers, he says that he should just get $500,000 of the fire department's money.

I'm thinking that the next time there's a flood at that spot, the fire department guys should go to his house, snatch him up, and toss him and Ed Ferszt, his sleazebag lawyer, right back in.


  1. Concur!!! And I feel your pain...

  2. Anonymous7:24 PM

    Boats and planes are not cheap hobbies. Nor are full-auto weapons. Pick one.
    Shame that Ortiz doesn't live in Arizona. With their Stupid Motorist Law, they'd take his lawsuit and tell him to go pound sand; here's your bill for being rescued because you drive into the flooded road and needed to be saved from your own stupidity.
    And his lawyer is the reason for "Lawyer Jokes". Yeah, I know, sensitive subject...

  3. Why wait? Its Colorado...I'm sure there's a body of water somewhere, and if its out of the fire dept's jurisdiction, I for one would be willing to send in a small donation to help cover their gas fees to get these two schmucks there.

  4. Anonymous8:56 PM

    I am facing some major vehicle repairs myself.
    The resucers should have let the greedy SOB drown.

  5. But you NEED that truck. Need it I say.

    Yes, my day job is shoulder devil.

  6. Next he'll sue the television station that interviewed him for emotional distress; they didn't have a makeup person available to make him look good. Oh, the humiliation!

  7. I'm sorry but I just can't make my mind bend enough to make that make sense. I think they need to put him back.