Monday, March 10, 2014

A nice day at the range

So I got the new cylinder for my Uberti SAA over the week-end, and as I was anxious to shoot it, first thing this morning I called up Taylor's & Co., of Winchester, Virginia to see if Tom, their gunsmith could fit it today. And he was more then amenable so I grabbed the pistol and six loose factory cartridges off my desk, snagged some handloaded test ammo from my shop, and drove right down.
For twenty bucks, Tom installed it and made sure that it was timed right, and he did it while I waited, which was convenient for me and good business practice for them because I spent the time looking at all of the other wonderful Old West guns and gear in their showroom. The company actually does most of it's business through dealers nationwide, but they obligingly took care of me in their office because I'm local. That sort of customer service is worth a lot these days.
So I took the pistol right to the range and fired off a batch of 255 grain lead semi-wadcutter rounds that I put together using 9 grains of Unique. It hits about 4" high at 15 yards but it groups well. I could probably stand to drop down to 8.5 or eve 8 grains of the Unique so as not to beat the tar out of this nice pistol, as 8 grains will still push that big, heavy chunk of lead at about 825 feet per second, or approximately .45 ACP velocity. 9 grains is supposed to give me 900fps, +/- a bit.

A little shooting therapy was just what I needed today. I'm happy.


  1. Very nice! Wish I was there to shoot that.

    1. Next time you come up, it'll be here, waiting with ammo.

    2. Very nice and thanks. I fear I will be that way again =) Just to embarrass everyone.

  2. If you start shooting SASS will your name be, Dirty Double Dog?

  3. Nothing like a nice day out at the range, is there?

  4. Anonymous8:58 PM

    You do not find people to supply such service these days