Thursday, April 03, 2014

An expression that you might have pondered over the meaning of...

Expression: "A pool of vomit..."

Use: "The deceased was found lying in a pool of vomit."

Question: "How much vomit does it take to fill a pool? And what size pool? (Kiddie pool? Wading pool? Olympic-sized pool?)"

Well let's just say that I think that I know now. And it was deep enough for a diving board before I was finished last night/this morning. What the bloody hell...?

And to top it off, I really overdid it working on the yard last night too, so this is gonna be another day back on crutches.

Just talk amongst yourselves and go read the cool stuff over on the left side. It's all better than anything I've got today, especially Tam's retro movie clip that managed to put a smile on my face regardless of the fact that I'm already done for the day.


  1. Feel better. On (what I hope) is the tail end of a tummy bug myself. Nasty business.

  2. oof. been there. rest up, eat gently, get as much fluid in you as possible.

  3. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Ugh. I had that last week. Good news is the worst is (probably) over, bad news is you're gonna feel like you've been monkey punched for the next week.

    Get plenty of rest and stay hydrated. And try not to let the dogs kill you, or the other way around. ;-)


  4. Get well; prayers coming your way. You've had enough already this go round!!!

  5. Ouch... Get well my friend...

  6. Did you see how far it actually would shoot and still hit the terlit?